2015 NHL Draft: Christian Fischer Interview

Photo by Tom Sorensen.

Our Intern Angela Salerno recently spoke to USNTDP forward, Christian Fischer and spoke to him about his game and committing to Notre Dame.

Describe your game style

I’m a power forward, protect the puck real well and can score some goals.

How does it feel when representing your country?

Its an unbelievable feeling, its an honour, and every time I put on the jersey. Its something special.

Do you have a favourite moment from your past international experiences?

I’d say last year at the World 17 Challenge. The championship we ended up winning over Canada so that was a pretty proud moment for us and our team.

Youre committed to Notre Dame, were there any other schools you were considering?

Mid West schools, so Wisconsin, Miami, Michigan and Michigan State. I wanted to stay in the mid west cause that’s where I’m from

Why did you finally choose Notre Dame?

Just the best of both worlds there. Education and a great hockey program. The coaches are great and all around the best place for me.

What parts of your game are you going to focus on when training for next season and the collegiate level?

Getting my first 3 steps a little bit quicker. Its been what I’ve been focusing on training this year and definitely in the summer as well

How are you a different player now from Minor Midget?

I’m a more all around player, from before. I think I’ve been better in the defensive zone, and produced offensively more.

How was your Minor Hockey experience playing in Chicago?

It was awesome. I played there for 6 years, and my last year I ended up winning the National Championship.

What has been the biggest obstacle in your hockey career?

I’d say to make this National Team has probably been. I had to move out of my hometown and leave all my friends and everything behind. That was probably the biggest challenge for me.

Was it all worth it and the right decision?

It was. It paid off very well and couldn’t enjoy this experience more.

What is your biggest strength as a player?

I’d say my power game, my powerfulness and my skill.

Whats the best lesson a coach has taught you?

Play every game like its your last. You never know when something might happen or when you might get cut, so compete every game.

Whats it like playing on a team with so many highly ranked draft prospects?

Its awesome. Its real competitive cause everyone wants to be higher than the other guy but its something special and its real easy to play in when you’re out there with all those guys that can make plays, so it makes playing a lot easier.