2015 NHL Draft: Jakub Zboril Interview

How has your experience been playing for Saint Johns so far?

I like it, I’m glad to be here in Canada. It’s different hockey than Europe. I think its better for me too.

What has been the biggest difference between CHL hockey and in the Czech Republic?

Its a smaller rink, more aggressive, its faster and harder to play here. The rink is smaller so you don’t have that much time like in Europe

You got drafted in both the CHL and the USHL draft, what made you decide on playing in Canada?

I don’t know. It was good that the USHL drafted me early and I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t speak English well and I was scared I wasn’t going to make it there. So I decided to go in 1 or 2 years.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to deal with playing in Canada?

I don’t have any obstacles here.

Was language at all an obstacle?

No, I was just confused with somethings in English. I took English courses for maybe 5 months, and I think its pretty good now.

You got drafted in the KHL, would you ever want to play there?

Not really, I don’t like Russia (laughs). Its great the KHL, but they don’t know about their players or nothing. It doesn’t mean anything.

What is your biggest dream or goal to accomplish in hockey?

To play in the NHL and live in that status

Does it matter what round or to who you get drafted to in the NHL draft?

Not really, its the NHL. But yeah, my mind set is to make the first round. I would like to be in the first round.

Youve represented your country in international play, what does playing for Team Czech Republic mean to you?

Its a national team so its pretty big.

Describe yourself as a player

I would say I’m a two way defenceman. I can defend pretty good I think. And for power plays too, I can score some goals.

You list PK Subban as your favourite player, what do you like about him?

(Laughs) Subban is correct on the ice. He’s not stopping when he’s playing if he’s losing or not, he just keeps continuing. He’s the type of player that can lose the game by himself and another games he can win it by himself and score 2 goals. He’s an awesome player and he’s competing pretty hard and he’s all over the rink.

What has been your favourite moment playing hockey?

On the National team in Finland last year we finished 2nd place for the championship game.

What makes you different from other players who are going to get drafted?

(Laughs) That’s a good question. I think my mental ability.