NHL Draft Black Book

The NHL Draft Black Book was a new product that made it’s debut in May of 2012. The first edition of the book proved to be a huge success. Our book continues to gain more popularity each year. Once again in 2020 we are only producing one Black Book. We are also producing an NHL Draft Guide which contains the Black Book’s 2020 Draft prospects profiles and rankings. You don’t need the Draft Guide if you purchase the Black book.

2020 NHL Draft Black Book will be available in June 2020.

2019 NHL Draft Black Book (PDF)

HockeyProspect.com  2019 NHL Draft Black Book.

In total the 2019 NHL Draft Black Book (digital) is 675 pages. (Print is 588)

New in our player profiles this year are draft grades and player ratings. We include ratings for Hockey Sense, Compete, Skill and Skating in all our 2019 player profiles. We also include the players draft draft grade and of course, the players ranking.

Also New this year is audio, which is included in the iBooks version (ePub format) for iPads and iPhones. Note that audio not the PDF version but both files are included with your purchase or applicable membership. (members login for your special pricing)

The 2019 NHL Draft Black Book feature profiles on 317 prospects eligible for the 2019 NHL Draft, plus 151 profiles for the 2020 NHL Draft and 93 profiles for the 2021 NHL Draft. That’s a grand total of 561 player profiles. Our smaller NHL Draft Guide (basically a Black Book light) contains no game reports or player profiles for the 2020 and 2021 NHL Drafts.

Our NHL Draft Black Book also contains hundreds of pages of game reports from our scouts which are not included in the 2019 NHL Draft Guide.

Our rankings are slightly different this year as we move to an NHL team style list. That ranking is for prospects eligible for the 2019 NHL Draft. As always we also include a top 31 for the 2020 NHL Draft.

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“The Hockey Prospect NHL Draft Black Book provides NHL executives and fans alike, with a comprehensive look at the top prospects for the NHL Draft. The HockeyProspect.com scouting staff are visible at rinks throughout the course of the entire hockey season around the world,giving subscribers confidence that Hockey Prospect scouting reports are reliable… Read more ““Comprehensive Look””

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