2018 NHL Draft Black Book – Now Available!!

HockeyProspect.com is very happy to release our 2018 NHL Draft Black Book.

In total the 2018 NHL Draft Black Book (digital edition) is 680 pages (482,715 words) which makes it one of our biggest ever.

The 2018 NHL Draft Black Book feature profiles on 345 prospects eligible for the 2018 NHL Draft, plus 157 profiles for the 2019 NHL Draft and 92 profiles for the 2020 NHL Draft. That’s a grand total of 594 player profiles. Our smaller NHL Draft Guide (basically a Black Book light) contains no game reports or player profiles for the 2019 and 2020 NHL Drafts.

Our NHL Draft Black Book also contains hundreds of pages of game reports from our scouts. *Note that the digital version of our Black Book contains many more game reports than our print edition due to book size constraints for printing.

The print version of our 2018 NHL Draft Black Book will be available again this year on amazon.com – We will be submitting the book later today and hope that it is live on amazon within a few days.

We always includes our final draft rankings, which is a full top 217 prospects ranking for the 2018 NHL Draft and a top 31 for the 2019 NHL Draft. Our rankings include updated heights and weights for prospects who attended the 2018 NHL Combine.

Visit our online store for the instant download versions of our 2018 NHL Draft Black Book.

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