2019 NHL Draft Black Book Finally Available On Amazon

it’s very late, but we finally got our 2019 NHL Draft Book print edition on amazon. After a ridiculous number of hours spent trying to figure out the issues preventing us from getting our book on amazon, we have now succeeded.

The coles notes version of the solution is that we could never get the amazon system to accept the files and use their automated system to check our book for approval. On Saturday it finally accepted a new version of the book file. There were a crazy amount of warnings in the book file that never should’ve been there, but regardless, 8 hours later we made the changes and our book file was ready for final approval.

Updated with Amazon Canada

About the print version:

588 pages (Game Reports section reduced as always)

-2019 NHL Draft: 317 Player Profiles plus our NHL team style ranking

-2020 NHL Draft: 151 Player Profiles and our Top 31 ranking

-2021 NHL Draft: 97 Player Profiles

-Scouts Game Reports (reduced slightly from digital version)