2023 NHL Draft Q&A Podcast

As we approach the 2023 NHL Draft, we decided to answer some question we have received since we released our NHL Draft list back on June 12th. HP Scouts, Mark Edwards, Jérôme Bérubé and Brad Allen spent an hour responding to some common NHL Draft questions.

In the first part of the video, they discuss the comparison between two prospective players, Carlson and Fantilli. They mention that they have Carlson at number two in their list, which is unique as they haven’t seen another list with Carlson at that ranking. The scouts compare this situation to previous years, such as the Stutzle vs. Byfield year and the Taylor vs.Tyler year. They expand on the comparison, stating that it starts with whether one believes Fantilli is a center or not. They believe he’s more of a winger.  They also discuss the differences in playmaking skill set between Carlson and Fantilli, stating that they believe Carlson is a vastly superior playmaker. They also mention that Fantilli is a better competitor and shooter, but they believe Carlson has better hockey sense. They conclude that while Fantilli has a similar skill level to Carlson, there is a significant difference in their ratings in the black book for hockey sense.

In another segment, the scouts discuss two more players: Bonk and Cowan, who they believe are potential first-round picks. They describe Bonk as a player with a lot of room to grow, both physically and in terms of his game. They appreciate his strong hockey sense and his ability to avoid making mental mistakes on the ice. They believe he has a lot of upside and was a key piece of a team that went to the OHL final.

Cowan, on the other hand, is described as an energy player with a high level of intensity. They believe he can play with elite players due to his hockey sense. While his skill level is not super high, he is not lacking in ability and is willing to go to the dirty areas of the ice. They believe he can play on one of the top two lines with the best the NHL has to offer. They also note that his stock went up as the season went along, and he had a very good playoff. They also discuss the importance of seeing players improve over the course of the season, and they believe both Bonk and Cowan showed significant progression.


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2023 NHL Draft Q&A