A HockeyProspect.com Draft Week Thank you

U18 Sochi

With the 2014 NHL Draft just days away and sales of the Black Book being exceptionally high this weekend, I thought I would post a quick note of thanks to those of you who have supported us by purchasing our publications.

After releasing our 2014 Black Book on June 6th, sales poured in mere minutes after the Book went live in our store. Approximately 26 hours after going live in our store, we had passed sales totals that took two weeks to reach last year. A week later we had passed last years sales totals. The Black Book is the result of months of hard work by our scouts. We do very minimal advertising, the product has sold itself. When I came up with the idea for the Black Book, I wanted to create all in one product for the NHL Draft. I wanted to include as much of the information we gain over the course of a draft year into one complete book. Increasing sales numbers each year tell me that I was on to something.

Over the last few years we have listened to customers and worked to improve our products. We also wanted to stay consistent in keeping to our internal standards we set for ourselves. Those standards help us live up to our reputation as a service that is professional & has scouts who attend a very large number of games.  We have travelled as far as Sochi, Russia and as nearby as our local rinks. While some other folks would like you to think they are attending numerous games, tournaments, combines, camps etc..we are there. It is becoming more clear to me that you have noticed. It’s reflected in the increase in sales for both our web subscriptions and for our draft publications.

We need charge for our services in order to pay for expenses like hotels, gas, flights and more.

Thanks for helping us continue to  do the job properly.


Mark Edwards

Founder & Director of Scouting