Halifax Macs at Valley Wildcats – Nov 1, 2014

HAL #31 Kirklin Allen – Was technically sound all game with the exception of one goal against. Amazing first period of play where his team could have easily been down by 3 goals. He made athletic stops and battled for the puck in the blue. His size and positioning makes his saves look very routine. Good blocker save and overall controlled the play when needed.

HAL #22 Barrett Dachyshyn ( Mooseheads – Rd3,57 ) – Best player on the ice this game, but also applied some grit in this viewing and was a bit over the top at times and could have easily been called on a couple of penalties that were missed.

HAL #24 Brad Shaw – Much like the last viewing where I saw a small power forward. He was able to get the puck on his stick and generate a scoring chance, although it was a 3 on 1 and he elected to shoot as he was not cognizant of his open line mates. Shot was right into goalies logo. He was physically challenged but did not seemed phased. He plays much bigger than his stature.

HAL #15 Shane Bowers – Was a game without a real consistent theme for Bowers as some shifts he would simply blend in and others he would be the shining star, using his speed to get around defenders with ease and shoot or make plays. he was marked and physically challenged all game and although he may not have great strength right now, he didnt shy away from it or back down

HAL #9 Jack Cameron – Perhaps its his role, but once again I found Cameron to be on the wrong side of the puck almost every shift. There is not a sense there is an elite offensive skillset so i would like to see how he plays in a defence first role to see if he can generate some offence that way. When the puck presented it was always a rush and there seemed to be no judgement before decision, as in, every situation resulted in a puck rush. None of them were successful and all resulted in possession change.

HAL #12 Doug D’Arnall – Much like the last viewing there was a sense of speed and skill but there was a question of the IQ on the ice as he did not use his linemates at all and seemed to want to regroup every time he had the puck. On one instance, He was amazing at holding the puck in the Offensive zone but then simply passed it to the other team defender, even though he had lots of time and space to call his linemates back into the zone.

HAL #19 Ian MacPhee – Showed more speed this viewing that in others, has a nice wide agressive stance, hard to knock off the puck. I witnessed some very good stick handling with speed on a 1 on 1 and also witnessed good overall commitment to defence and defensive positioning.

VAL #9 Drake Batherson – Showed a real desire to win today even in the defensive zone he was positioned to help out down low and begin or support a controlled breakout almost every time. He made his linemates better all game long. Great vision on the rush and controlled the game tempo at will.

VAL #16 Cole Rafuse – Embraced the power forward role completely this game, was a physical force that used his speed, power and touch around the net to have a 3 point game. He loves to be in full motion and ‘chip’ the puck to himself in an open piece of ice and if successful is really hard to defend against. He worked pretty well with his linemates this viewing, always in support. Really the only detriment was his PP and some of the choices he makes with the puck.