Halifax Mooseheads vs Shawinigan October 13, 2012


    October 13, 2012, Halifax Mooseheads vs. Shawinigan (Regular Season Game)


    HAL #22 C Mackinnon, Nathan (2013) – Mackinnon played a much better game than the previous night in Drummondville. He started the game a liitle bit slow with an ugly play in the defensive zone trying to dangle his way out of trouble…

    [sociallocker]but he picked up the pace fast after that. He did the entire job on the first goal starting by winning his puck battle behind the net. He then faked to receive a pass behind the net to let it roll to a teammate and positioned himself in front of the net to cash in the pass from that teammate. Very well done. I also liked his decision making in that game: it was quick and it was good. On one occasion on the powerplay he went with a superb cross-ice pass that surprised everyone. He still didn’t display his top notch speed although he was obviously fast, but instead he did a good job using his teammates on the rush instead of trying to do it all by himself. One main quality he also showed in the offensive zone is his ability to attract defenseman. He excels at moving the puck and changing directions to move the defender and create space both for him and his teammates. His work ethic was also a notch higher than the previous night. He worked harder along the boards and in the defensive zone. I also liked how he responded at shots taken at him. He had a hard coverage on him all night long and he didn’t let his opponents cross the line.

    HAL #79 Andrews, Brent (Nashville) – Andrews played extremely well the last two games (last night and tonight). He plays an excellent 2-way game with smart plays and good hockey tools to go along the way. He moves plenty well around the ice for a big guy and he displayed surprising skills with the puck on 1 on 1 situation. He plays a very simple game but is effective at bringing the puck into the offensive zone and he likes to control the play. His decision making was quick and efficient. His best work came behind the net where he applied pressure and was able to win puck battles. Not overly physical for his size, I didn’t see him hit much. He also plays extremely well defensively except for one mistake where he mishandled the puck in his own zone, leading to a Shawinigan goal.

    SHA #80 D Maheux, Raphael (2014) – Maheux is a huge defenseman that excels in close range confrontation with his opponents, whether it’s deep in his zone or in front of the net. He is very strong on skates and places his body smartly to block his opponents. His skating needs a lot of work, both backwards and forwards. This will allow him to handle one on one situation a lot better. He also displayed surprising puck skills for a young big guy. He is able to move the puck a little and he is a good puck distributor. He also seems to have a strong shot that he can use on the powerplay.

    SHA #95 LW Campagna, J.C (1993 born) – He caught my eye with his speed and hands in the neutral zone. He was very elusive but just like the Shawinigan offense, he wasn’t able to go past the blue line much. He didn’t work really hard but his speed and hands allowed him to standout on a few occasions. I would have like to see him use his speed more and display his offensive talent on a larger scale.


    Scouts notes:


    This was a particularly boring game between those two teams. Shawinigan did their best defending but Halifax was just buzzing in the offensive zone the whole game. They were not able to generate much offense either. Mackinnon stood out in this game with his superior talent, although he has seen better days. Brent Andrews also played an excellent game. Luca Ciampini and Matthew Boudreau displayed good chemistry cycling the puck in the offensive zone. They were a threat all night. Other than that, it was a very quiet night for everyone on the ice. [/sociallocker]