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See what some former interns had to say about their experience with us…

“Many teens and young adults dream about working in the Hockey industry whether it’s being a scout for a CHL team or being the GM of an NHL organization, gives it’s interns the opportunity to start chasing their dreams. Interning with was easily the highlight of my college career. I once dreamt about being a hockey scout and I was told by many people it would never happen or only ex-players make it big in scouting. Well Mark Edwards took the chance on me and it’s been everything I could imagine. The knowledge I gained in 1 season scouting under Mark and the rest of the scouting staff is inexplicable. I came into my internship thinking I knew a lot about hockey but after every conversation with Mark or other staff members, I realized just how experienced the scouts at are.

Interning for HP can have its stressful moments but it is an extremely rewarding opportunity. Mark has introduced me to several people who are staples in the Scouting/Hockey industry and I have been lucky enough to build a relationship with the majority of those people. I’m in my second year with HP, now as one of the regional scouts and the knowledge I have gained from being in the rink with HP scouts or having our many phone conversations is something I am truly thankful for. When I finally live out my dream of working for an NHL organization I will be extremely proud and thankful that is what started it all. For anyone interested in scouting or anything hockey related I strongly suggest contacting”

Jay De Gennaro, Humber College

Intern with in 2014/2015

“If you’re looking to break into the scouting business, there’s no better place to be than Mark Edwards and his experienced staff give you assignments that prepare you for the scouting world, and are there to help every step of the way. At you’re held to high standards, but if you put in the work and do a good job, they make sure everyone knows about it.”

Todd Cordell, Sheridan College

Intern with in 2013/2014

“Over the past two years I have worked as a regional scout with hockey prospect after beginning my time with them as an intern. I would like to share my experience.

I first came to Mark Edwards looking to break into the scouting industry, and was referred to him by so many individuals in the hockey industry, because of the highly respected work that he and his organization do. I knew very little about what it meant to be a scout when I first came to him, but I learned very quickly. Mark helped me get started, taught me what I needed to know, and then allowed me the opportunity to work hard and provide my feedback. He used every bit of work that I did, and gave me the chance to feel appreciated and valued in the organization. I learned how to evaluate players, write up reports, rank and project players, and even on some occasions interview top NHL prospects. I was given much help from Mark and head scout Ryan Yessie, in learning which games to attend, what players to keep my eyes out for if it was applicable, which tournaments were most beneficial, and I was given every opportunity to do the work that I was promised to do.

Hockey Prospect is a top scouting organization that puts in their time and effort, and is present in rinks across North America. They have managed to establish a family-like atmosphere, and everyone’s opinion is heard, and everyone is given a chance to show what they can do. Each and every person from the organization that I spoke with had nothing but passion for the sport and the industry in general, as it clearly shows that Mark has put his time into finding the right people to bring into the organization. If you have passion for scouting and if you want an organization to help you get started, then working as an intern for Hockey Prospect is the best place to start. You will learn so much, be given feedback, asked to work hard, but also within reason depending on your circumstances. You will be given a good mix of direction and independence, so that you know exactly what you need to do, but the opportunity to do it yourself. Show a strong work ethic, and you will succeed.”

Dylan Liptrap, Michigan State University, Brock University

Intern with in 2012/2013

“Working with the staff at Hockey Prospect has vaulted my career to the next level. I came to Hockey Prospect with a solid writing foundation and left with a comprehensive skill set in many areas. If you’re looking for a chance to work with quality people and obtain experience in scouting, writing, interviewing and more, Hockey Prospect affords that opportunity. I continue to freelance in addition to working in corporate communications and public relations, and the skills I gained at Hockey Prospect continue to serve me extremely well.”

Cameron Rudolph, Starr Commonwealth.   Michigan State University Alum
Intern with in 2011/2012