Cole Harbour Wolfpack at Halifax McDonalds (NSMMHL) – Saturday, December 30, 2017

CHW #22 RC Watt, Gavin (2020) – This was a very nice game for this prospect. You would never really know he is a bit undersized as[…]

Valley Wildcats at Halifax McDonalds – Saturday, Dec 2, 2017

HAL #16 LC Watt, Ian (2019) – Today he was really good in the faceoff circle winning the majority and at the very least tying up his man. This was really evident against Valley’s Burns. He seemed to be in great support lanes in the offensive zone today. HAL #1 LG Larade, Keaghan (2019) –[…]

Cape Breton Tradesmen at South Shore Mustangs – Sunday, Dec 3, 2017

CBT #1 LG Leudy, Joshua (2020) – Leudy did not see a whole lot of action today so the only thing to judge is how ready he was after long periods of shot drought and he seemed ready. The highlight for him was a heads up 3 zone pass from his blue paint to a[…]

Valley Wildcats at South Shore Mustangs – Sunday, November 5th, 2017

VAL #12 LC Burns, Brady (2020) – For me, this has to be his best game thus far this season. His 3 primary assists today were born out of his great IQ and awareness. He combined skills, speed and brains on almost every play. There were long stretches of him controlling the play on the[…]

Fredericton Caps at Moncton Flyers (NBPEIMMHL) – Saturday, Oct 28, 2017

FRE #2 LD McLean, Andrew (2020) – Had a nice shift where he angled out the puck carrier perfectly but he did lose a couple of battles due to strength size deep in his own end. His skating seemed a little above average but still developing. FRE #4 LD McKinney, Sam (2020) – McKinney showed[…]