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HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Final Rankings

Another year of scouting is in the books and the 2018 NHL Draft is fast approaching. Entering the 2017/2018 season we knew there was...

HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 70, March 6th, 2018

As the playoffs near, HockeyProspect.com has released our updated ranking of the top prospects for the 2018 NHL Draft, which takes place in Dallas this year. Our […]

HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 62, January Edition

The CHL Top Prospects game is set to take place later tonight in Guelph and it’s also time to update our NHL Draft rankings. We have a […]

HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 62, December Edition

Our previous NHL Draft ranking was released way back on November the 8th, a lot of hockey has been played since then and our scouts have been […]
Filip Zadina

HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 62, November Edition

Our latest update of our 2018 NHL Draft Rankings doesn’t change in the top three spots on the list. Rasmus Dahlin, the injured Andrei...

Platinum Audio: Top 62 NHL Draft Rankings Notes

In this latest edition of our Platinum Audio series, Mark Edwards discusses some of the players ranked in our HockeyProspect.com initial top 62 NHL Draft ranking. Mark […]
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HockeyProspect.com 2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 62, September Edition

Our first 2018 NHL Draft rankings for this season lists our top 62 prospects (Top 31 is viewable  for free) for the NHL Draft in Dallas June […]

2018 NHL Draft: Top Three Prospects

Every year towards the end of September we release our Prospects Report PDF (free for Platinum members) which is filled with content for the...

2018 NHL Draft Rankings: HockeyProspect.com’s Early Top 31

Every year in our NHL Draft Black Book we release our early list for the following seasons draft. This year was no different and...