Major Midget Atlantics March 29th – April 1st 2018

KEN #9 LW Richard, Marc (2021) – There’s a lot to like about Richard’s game, he’s got decent size, and played an up-tempo 2 way game. He’s a strong skater, he uses long, powerful strides to get up to speed and pressures opposing players by taking away time and space with his speed. He had[…]

Cape Breton West Islanders at Dartmouth Steele Subaru March 12 2018

DAR #18 RD Roode, Ben (2020) – Good showing from Roode tonight, he played an aggressive, confident brand of defense. He closed on gaps quickly when he saw an opportunity to steal the puck, especially near the offensive line, but he didn’t over commit or get caught in the process. His first few steps are[…]

Valley Midget Wildcats at Cole Harbour Wolfpack, February 24th, 2018

CHW #22 RC Watt, Gavin (2020) Watt continues to be a huge riser for us. He was put in a new role at the top of the umbrella on the powerplay tonight, and he seemed to thrive in it. Watt has a pretty big, heavy slapper from the point, and used his mobility to move[…]

Weeks Major Midget at Dartmouth Steele Subaru February 18th, 2018

DAR #20 LW Allison, Ben (2020) Allison had a strong afternoon, he was involved in driving the play most times he was on the ice. His ability to shoot the puck was on display, he got a decent one-timer off an area pass out front, and although he didn’t get all of it, the pass[…]

South Shore Mustangs at Halifax MacDonalds Feburary 17, 2018

HAL #15 LW Landry, Ethan (2020) – There was added intensity to Landry’s game for the first matchup of the playoffs. He was driving the play when he was on the ice, rushing the puck and driving the net. He didn’t execute on all of his passes, but he was making the right plays and[…]

Valley Wildcats at Cole Harbour Wolfpack, Dec 20, 2017

VAL #31 LG Oxner, Liam (2019) – Oxner stands out for his work ethic, he battles hard for pucks and second chances, but was his own worst enemy at times when it comes to creating havoc around his own crease. He’s a smaller goalie who can sometimes give up too much space to the attacking[…]

Cape Breton West Islanders vs. Halifax Macs October 28th 2017

CBW #5 RD MacLellan, Ben (2020) – Ben MacLellan played a really steady game this afternoon, he reads as a stay at home type, great, explosive skater with great edges, he had really good gaps and can stop and change direction on a dime. He plays with energy and is always moving his feet, he[…]

South Shore Mustangs at Cole Harbour Wolfpack, Oct 25, 2017

COL #8 LW Miron, Landon (2020) – There were some flashes of promise tonight from Miron. He’s not afraid of the dirty areas. He had a good rush where he showed some pretty slick stickhandling as well, which is a tool he doesn’t use as often as he could. However it seems that more parts[…]

Halifax Macs at South Shore Mustangs Oct. 21, 2017

HAL #14 RC Drover, Alex (2020) – a 4 goal night with another pair of shots going off the iron, Drover was on another level tonight. Dominant, even on the penalty kill, carrying the puck through several South Shore defenders, killing time and creating quality chances for himself. He’s a sniper with high end hockey[…]

Cole Harbour Wolfpack at Weeks Major Midget Sunday September 24th

CH #19 LW/C Hunter, Brady (2020) – The former bantam star really showed his smarts this afternoon. Hunter is diminutive, but his hockey IQ incredibly high for this level. His play away from the puck is exemplary, he’s always in the right place to support the puck, and give his teammates an option, he reads[…]

Cape Breton Unionized Tradesmen at Dartmouth Steele Subaru, September 17th 2017-09-19

CBUT #24 RW/C Kabatay, Sonny (2021) – Kabatay showed some good flashes in the loss, he’s a great skater who can find another gear when he needs to beat a defender, and even burned one of the better defenders in the league 1 on 1. He’s a big body and shows some great resilience, battling[…]