Valley Wildcats at Cole Harbor Wolfpack Feb 15 2017

CHW #7 LD Marrie, Andrew (2019) – A defenseman who’s skating style is silky smooth, he transitions from offense to defense and back in a heartbeat. Seemed to see the game really well tonight, he uses his mobility to get in lanes and shut down offensive plays. He’s hard on the puck and likes to use the glass to his advantage. He played a 200 foot game tonight, using his speed to jump into the rush and create chances.

CHW #9 LW Peach, Bailey (2019) – The speed of Peach’s game continues to improve, he’s was heavily checked by the wildcats defense all night, but the speed of his hands and ability to protect the puck allowed him to still make plays all over the ice. He showcased his elite shot with highlight reel goals, a lazer of a snapshot from the slot just over the pad, and a perfectly-placed one-timer. His chemistry with his center is phenomenal, he seems to know where he will be seconds before he gets there, he feeds off other skilled players while making them better at the same time.

CHW #12 LW/C Brown, Cameron (2019) – Good 2-way game from Brown tonight, he’s a burly player with good footwork. He’s an agile skater who was constantly moving his feet tonight and taking away time and space from his opponents, especially on the penalty kill. He showed some impressive smarts with quick one-touch passes. He seems to get a little bit better with every viewing.

CHW # 13 RW Sheffar, Ben (2020) – A quick skater with high energy, he played up on the second line wing tonight. Showed off his ability to carry the puck into the zone with speed, but was often kept to the outside. He was checked all night by the opposition, and could have used his line mates more to create some chances for himself, rather than trying to do it all with his speed.

CHW # 14 RW/C Francis, Ryan (2019) – His skaing speed is a step above anyone else on the ice. When he gets the puck on his stick, it’s almost automatic that he’ll create a chance with his speed and skill, beating guys to the outside or stopping on a dime and making a pass to an open man. He’s a creative playmaking center with poise and patience, he sees the ice very well and he used his teammates to create space for himself. He’s lethal in breakaway situations as well, he has a quick release and knows how to freeze goaltenders with a quick move.

CHW # 17 RW Phinney, Ethan (2020) – Showed a couple flashes of speed and skill with the puck, including a nice little stutter-step to get around a defender to dump the puck in. He’s playing a bit more conservative than earlier in the season, but his size, skill and strength make him stand out at times.

VAL #2 LD Weir, Evan (2020) – The progression of Weirs skating was a real bright spot for him tonight. He did a great job keeping players to the outside, including Bailey Peach who couldn’t get around him on some shifts. Defensively he seems to have good awareness of where everyone is on the ice, allowing him to turn the puck over for his team. He showed some surprising speed on a breakaway he created for himself as well, his top speed is deceptively fast for a player his size. Consistently one of the better skaters on the ice tonight.

VAL #16 RW Spears, Riley (2019) – Spears showed flashes of talent and creativity throughout the game. He’s a good skater with impressive edge-work, he can turn on a dime and he’s constantly moving his feet at both ends of the ice. He can sometimes be a bit too cute with drop-passes or over handling the puck, but I get the impression that when the speed of his game improves, he could be a very dangerous offensive presence.

VAL #18 LW Yoell, Gregor (2019) – A big bodied forward with a good stick who plays a 2-way game. Yoell was used on the penalty kill, he sees the play well but can fall behind the play because of his foot speed at times. With some polish to his skating he could be an effective 2-way winger with his combination of size, strength and long wingspan.

VAL #23 RD Gallant, Carson (2019) – Showed a few flashes of the skill and skating we expect from him, but was very quiet for most of the night. Lost his coverage a few times defensively, and didn’t seem engaged with the play.

VAL #39 RW/C Prosser, Ryan (2017) – Smart two-way center who played a good game at both ends of the ice tonight. Prosser did a bit of everything tonight, he played on both special teams units, and looked good as a defenseman on the powerplay. A good passer who sees plays develop and always seemed to be in the right place tonight.