Niagara North Stars vs Southern Tier Admirals, January 13th, 2018

Niagara North Stars Vs Southern Tier Admirals January 13th, 2018 SCTA Regular Season STA #6 LD Dunn, Brendon – Brendon was the best defender for Southern Tier tonight using his physical play on the boards to create turnovers. The Admirals captain was on to kill all the penalties and he did a great job of[…]

North Bay Trappers vs Niagara North Stars, November 24th, 2017

North Bay Trappers vs Niagara North Stars November 24th, 2017 Silver Stick Tournament NB #7 RW Kirkby, Jesse – Jesse showed a strength in possession when attacking at his top speed. Combining his size, strength and deceptive puck handling abilities, Kirkby often bulled his way towards the goal and showed intriguingly quick hands in tight.[…]

Niagara North Stars vs Lambton Jr. Sting, September 7th, 2017

Niagara North Stars vs Lambton Jr. Sting September 7th, 2017 Toronto Titans Tournament NN #6 D Craig, Michael – Craig showed good footwork and mobility throughout the game which allowed him to effectively elude forechecker’s and create space to make an outlet pass or exploit open ice. Michael displayed strong edge work throughout the game[…]

Niagara North Stars vs Central Ontario Wolves, September 5th, 2017

Niagara North vs Central Ontario Wolves September 5th, 2017 Toronto Titans Tournament CO #8 RD Shier, Owen – Shier was the Wolves most consistent and effective defender throughout their 3-2 loss. Owen possesses intriguing physical attributes and skates effectively. A player who has capable puck skills and see’s the ice well, Shier would benefit from[…]