About HockeyProspect.com

HockeyProspect.com has been host to an Independent Scouting Service and also provided visitors to this website with a vast amount of information on NHL Draft, and OHL Draft prospects.

Mark Edwards came up with the idea for HockeyProspect.com while coaching Wayne Simmonds in Midget AAA. The original goal of HockeyProspect.com was to give more exposure to players who might’ve been slightly under the radar. Wayne Simmonds was one of those players. The aim was to give players some exposure and hopefully a chance to reach their goals to play at higher levels. This included exposure to leagues like the OHL and to NCAA schools to obtain scholarships. HockeyProspect.com began to snowball in popularity and quickly began to take on it’s current format. The increase in site visitors allowed us to give more exposure to more prospects.

Mark Edwards coached for 19 years with the bulk of his coaching at the Midget AAA and Junior ‘A’ levels. He has coached players currently playing in the NHL. Mark has also been scouting since 2003.

All of our scouts are chosen based on their integrity, dedication to the sport and hockey background.

What we do

We provide scouting services to teams, and to the general public via our website. We offer a wide range of membership plans and draft publications. NHL & Junior teams take advantage of our analysis and evaluations.

A side benefit is that our service also assists media covering various hockey drafts. Major media networks use our player evaluations as a component to their coverage. We help them provide useful draft related information to their audience. Our evaluations help grow consumer engagement and fans’ collective intelligence on the game.

Independent Scouting Service

Who we scout

We scout players currently playing in the OHL, QMJHL, WHL, USHL, NCAA, Europe and any other leagues with players eligible for the NHL draft. We also scout players eligible to play in the OHL, WHL, QMJHL and the USHL.

What we scout

We scout many facets of the game including: Hockey Sense, Compete, Skill, Skating and all that is included in those facets of the game.


HockeyProspect.com has been scouting prospects since 2004. We have proven track record of success. This has led to a high level of credibility with staff members from teams in the NHL and junior leagues. Our Independent Scouting Service is experienced in talent evaluation and has earned the respect of hockey decision makers. It’s quite simple, we assist teams ability to scout more effectively.

Objectivity and Independence

We have no hidden agendas behind our scouting reports or draft rankings. When you read one of our publications, you can be confident that it hasn’t been slanted for anyone’s benefit, nor do we speak in a covert fashion for any agents or agencies. While we have received numerous accolades from NHL, OHL and QMJHL representatives for the quality of our work over the years, we are in nobody’s pocket. We are true to our private contract clients, our subscribers and ourselves.

The NHL Way

Don’t be fooled by the ‘scouts’ who pretend to be in the rinks. In our travels to games throughout a season, there are approximately 30 NHL team scouts we see a minimum of 20 times per year. So we find it interesting that we haven’t seen some of these ‘scouts’ from other services for stretches of time ranging from four to ten plus years. In fact, we’ve never seen several of them ever.

That’s not how we operate at HockeyProspect.com. Our scouts attend hundreds of games in person every season. That’s one of the many reasons we’ve built up credibility with NHL and Junior teams. It’s also one of the reasons teams use our service. We don’t pretend to be at games, we atend games. We do the job the way NHL and Junior teams do it. In fact, sometimes we even travel with NHL team scouts.

HockeyProspect.com spends the funds needed to travel to see the prospects. We scout across Canada, USA and in Europe. Seeing prospects play live in person is an integral component of our evaluations. This enables us to provide our clients with the highest level of scouting analysis.

We will use game film to allow us to view some players overseas and to allow for extra viewings of some players, but we believe there is no substitution to seeing players play live as often as possible.

We are a Team

Just like an NHL teams scouting staff, our Independent Scouting Service is not a one-man show. We have several scouts who have been with us for many years. Each scout brings slightly different forms of analysis to the table. With years of experience, we are able to provide higher quality products that would not be possible otherwise.

Attention to Detail

HockeyProspect.com has a tradition of going the extra mile for the sake of accuracy. We take the time to interview players and we attend the annual NHL Combine. We are also connected via a network of contacts across several leagues. As a result, we can converse with current or previous coaches, teammates and other support staff of prospects. Our rankings reflect both what we see on the ice and also incorporate information we gather about prospects off ice resumes.