2012 NHL Draft Black Book

Our new product this year, the 2012 NHL Draft Black Book is now available. The PDF Digital version is available for instant download after purchase in our online store. The Printed version is available  on amazon.com and is also included to our Pro Plan Members.

What is the 2012 NHL Draft Black Book? In short, it’s a premium NHL Draft product.

The Black Book expands on our previous publication, the NHL Draft Guide. The Draft Guide focused on the current season’s draft. It focused on draft eligible players. It also focused more on the players who were more likely to be drafted.

The 2012 NHL Draft Black Book includes scouting reports on over 440 players (not including players mentioned in game reports – more on that later).Various birth years are included. We include a few older players who are not likely to be drafted but could earn NHL camp invites.


Game Reports: We include 100 game reports from our scouts. They vary from games in the WHL to the World Jr. a Challenge. We could obviously not include all our reports because of page count issues but the 100 reports provide some great information. Some reports will comment on previously drafted players or even OA’s.

2013 NHL Draft: The NHL Draft Guide previously included write-ups on 10-15 prospects for the next season’s draft. The Black Book includes write-ups on over (100) 2013 NHL Draft prospects. We also include a Top 30 ranking of the 2013 NHL Draft prospects.

2014 NHL Draft: It’s early but we include over 90 reports on players eligible for the 2014 NHL Draft.

2012 NHL Draft Rankings: Much like the NHL Draft Guide. We include full Top 210 player rankings.

The Black Book has not been for sale for 24 hours yet and we have blown away last year’s NHL Draft Guide’s first day sales numbers. I think the reason is simple. People who follow the draft and pay attention know that we see the prospects live. After 17 hours of sales we have sales from all over the globe and very kind people have sent messages telling me how much they love the book.

I want to thank those who have already purchased. It helps us do a better job covering the prospects.

The digital Black Book can be purchased here

amazon.com here

amazon.ca (soon)

amazon.co.uk here

I’ll post info on our website and tweet updates via @hockeyprospect and @MarkEdwardsHP as soon as our other publications become available. I apologise for the slights delays this year. The delays were beyond my control.


Mark Edwards