2019 OHL Cup Schedule (Updated March 11th)

The 2019 OHL Cup is just around the corner which means the 2019 OHL Priority Selection (OHLDraft) isn’t far off. Our scouts will be attending the OHL Cup in Full force and the 2019 schedule is now available.

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2019 OHL Cup Wild Card Play-In Schedule


Tuesday March 12, 2019: (UPDATED)
WC1 – 10:00 am –  North Central Predators vs Mississauga Senators
WC2 – 11:30 am – North York Rangers vs Niagara North Stars
WC3 – 1:00 pm – London Jr. Knights vs. Guelph Gryphons
WC4 – 2:30 pm – Waterloo Wolves vs. Mississauga Rebels

2019 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament Divisions

Nash Division:
Don Mills Flyers (GTHL Finalist)
York Simcoe Express (OMHA Bronze)
Windsor Jr. Spitfires (ALLIANCE 3)
Detroit Little Caesars (USA Invite)

Subban Division:
Brantford 99ers (ALLIANCE Finalist)
Halton Hurricanes (OMHA Silver)
Toronto Nationals (GTHL Semi-Finalist)
TPH (USA Invite)

Shanahan Division:
Toronto Marlboros (GTHL Finalist)
Quinte Red Devils (OMHA Semi-Finalist)
Thunder Bay Kings (HNO Rep)

Lindros Division:
Whitby Wildcats (OMHA Gold)
Kitchener Jr. Rangers (ALLIANCE Finalist)
Toronto Red Wings (GTHL Semi-Finalist)
Team NOHA (NOHA Rep)

2019 OHL Cup Showcase Tournament Schedule

Tuesday March 12, 2019


Scotiabank Pond 1
7:00 pm York-Simcoe Express vs. Don Mills Flyers
8:45 pm Whitby Wildcats vs. Toronto Red Wings

Scotiabank Pond 2
7:15 pm Halton Hurricanes vs. Toronto Nationals
9:00 pm Quinte Red Devils vs. Toronto Marlboros

Wednesday March 13, 2019

Scotiabank Pond 1
9:00 am Detroit Little Caesars vs. Windsor Jr. Spitfires
10:45 am Toronto Nationals vs. WC2
12:30 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. WC3
2:15 pm Don Mills Flyers vs. WC1
4:00 pm Toronto Red Wings vs. WC4
5:45 pm Brantford 99ers vs. WC2
7:30 pm WC5 vs. WC3
9:15 pm Don Mills Flyers vs. Windsor Jr. Spitfires

Scotiabank Pond 2
8:30 am NOHA vs. Kitchener Jr. Rangers
10:15 am Halton Hurricanes vs. TPH
12:00 pm Quinte Red Devils vs. Thunder Bay Kings
1:45 pm York-Simcoe Express vs. Detroit Little Caesars
3:30 pm Whitby Wildcats vs. NOHA
5:15 pm TPH vs. Toronto Nationals
7:00 pm Thunder Bay Kings vs. Toronto Marlboros
8:45 pm WC1 vs. York-Simcoe Express

Thursday March 14, 2019

Scotiabank Pond 1
8:30 am Brantford 99ers vs. Halton Hurricanes
10:15 am Kitchener Jr. Rangers vs. WC4
12:00 pm WC5 vs. Quinte Red Devils
1:45 pm WC1 vs. Detroit Little Caesars

Scotiabank Pond 2
9:00 am WC2 vs. TPH
10:45 am NOHA vs. Toronto Red Wings
12:30pm WC3 vs. Thunder Bay Kings
2:15 pm Windsor Jr. Spitfires vs. York-Simcoe Express

Friday March 15, 2019

Scotiabank Pond 1
8:00 am WC4 vs. NOHA
9:45 am Toronto Nationals vs. Brantford 99ers
11:30 am Thunder Bay Kings vs. WC5
1:15 pm Toronto Red Wings vs. Kitchener Jr. Rangers
3:00 pm TPH vs. Brantford 99ers
4:45 pm Windsor Jr. Spitfires vs. WC1

Scotiabank Pond 2
8:30 am Kitchener Jr. Rangers vs. Whitby Wildcats
10:15 am WC2 vs. Halton Hurricanes
12:00 pm WC3 vs. Quinte Red Devils
1:45 pm WC4 vs. Whitby Wildcats
3:30 pm Detroit Little Caesars vs. Don Mills Flyers
5:15 pm Toronto Marlboros vs. WC5

Saturday March 16, 2019

Quarter-Final Playoff Round:

Scotiabank Pond 1
10:00 am Quarter-Final 1 – 2nd Place Nash Division vs. 1st Place Subban Division
11:45 am Quarter-Final 3 – 2nd Place Shanahan Division vs. 1st Place Lindros Division

Scotiabank Pond 2
10:30 am Quarter-Final 2 – 2nd Place Subban Division vs. 1st Place Nash Division
12:15 pm Quarter-Final 4 – 2nd Place Lindros Division vs. 1st Place Shanahan Division

Semi-Final Playoff Round:

Scotiabank Pond 1
6:00 pm Semi-Final 1 – Winner Quarter-Final 2 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 1
8:00 pm Semi-Final 2 – Winner Quarter-Final 4 vs. Winner Quarter-Final 3

Monday March 18, 2019

Mattamy Athletic Centre
7:00 pm Championship Final – Winner Semi-Final 2 vs. Winner Semi-Final 1