Andrew Abou-Assaly

Andrew Abou-Assaly – F – 6’0” – 162lb. – Ottawa Jr. 67’s


Certainly a name even the casual observer of the OHL Priority Selection has heard. However Andrew has really progressed well throughout the season.

There were a number of inconsistencies in his game although the talent was always there. He gradually improved, and the OHL Cup he really showed the end result of a great year, as he was one of the best players in the tournament. Putting all his offensive skills aside for a moment, one of the best assets we saw in Abou-Assaly was his play without the puck. Following his play around the ice, he really reads plays well, and has a great anticipation level that sets up a lot of his plays. Andrew has great hands, and utilizes them at top speed, and can really do a lot with the puck while at top speed. He exploits even a little open ice and turns it into a dangerous offensive situation. He is easily one of the most dangerous players when in alone on a goaltender, and rarely is he stopped on the break. Abou-Assaly has a great shot, he can get the puck top shelf in a hurry and he gets it off very quick. What makes Andrew that much more dangerous, is his ability and willingness to utilize his teammates. He moves the puck very comfortably among linemates, and will look off shots if the pass is the best option. Moving forward, Andrew isn’t a big guy, and that will be something he needs to overcome. He also isn’t very physical and doesn’t engage in much physicality. It’ll be interesting to see if he adds muscle over the summer, as this will really help him handle defensemen at the OHL level.