August 11th, 2015 – USA vs Russia, Hlinka Memorial Tournament

USA #30 G Rasmussen, Dayton (2017) – Gave up several goals which were entirely saveable. A slapshot goal from the point with a clear lane to see the puck. Dropped a rebound in front of him from what should have been a routine save of a weak outside wristshot. Had trouble tracking the puck and routinely left chunks of his net exposed. Had a blind shot/pass end up in the corner of his net. Got scored on from an outside wristshot with no traffic. He did save the penalty shot, but tough game overall.

USA #2 LD Dineen, Cameron (2016) – Tried to keep it simple. His compete level was good but was stuck a play behind the entire game, kept his feet moving but often ended up chasing the play, seemed like the pace was too high for his comfort level.

USA #3 RD Eliot, Mitch (2016) – Had some offensive impact. Tried different moves to open up lanes or to create a rush out of his zone, sometimes had it broken up resulting in a turnover. Competed well, used his body defensively.

USA #4 RD Farmer, Ty (2016) – Had a couple of mishaps with his puck-movement. Played a stingy competitive game, even threw his body around on the occasion despite being a smaller defenseman.

USA #5 LD Gleason, Benjamin (2016) – Didn’t overextend. Played a smart controlled game. Got better towards the end of the game when he started utilizing his skating to create more offensively.

USA #7 LD Perunovich, Scott (2016) – Limited impact overall, but has shown some ability in passing out of his zone and controlling the blue-line on PP.

USA #8 LD Rossini, Samuel (2016) – Was defensively solid, always willing to use his size to break up plays. Had some offensive zone time as well, can make simple offensive plays but doesn’t have a lot of skill. Mad a nice cross-ice pass for a goal.

USA #11 LW Gettinger, Tim (2016) – Played his typical heavy down-low game. Did well contributing as a net-presence and moving around the goal-mouth area. Skated well for his size. Took one penalty.

USA #12 LW Harper, Patrick (2016) – Tried to get involved with direct net-drives. Had some wristshots from the slot and did well in gaining offensive zone entry. Had a penalty shot saved.

USA #15 RW Leonard, John (2016) – Played a simple chip and chase game, not much there in terms of skill plays. Drew a penalty and competed well.

USA #18 C Mittelstadt, Casey (2017) – Had good offensive impact. Skated well, comfortable handling the puck at speed and while moving his feet. Showed his vision with passing plays several time including a spin pass into the slot for an assist.

USA # 20 C Tufte, Riley (2016) – Had a game where he showed his raw tools more than any sort of consistent impact. Big center, not an atrocious skater for his size but needs to grow into his frame. Showed some skill and ability to read the play but didn’t have a consistent shift-by-shift performance. Did use his size a bit in offensive zone, but wasn’t a physical presence off-the-puck.

USA #22 RW Yamamoto, Kailer (2017) – Had a couple of chances including sneaking in and scoring from the slot. Used his offensive-zone timing and reads along with his hands to contribute. Decent game, but felt like he could show a bit more bite and willingness to direct the play given his skill-level.

RUS #30 G Sukhachev, Vladislav (2016) – Good first period. Had some scrambles where he saved his defense. Saved penalty-shot as well. Competed well, second goal he gave up was tough but felt like he could have done a better job getting across laterally.

RUS #6 LD Gromov, Nikita (2016) – Moved the puck well and did a good job on puck-retrievals, had one hiccup but other than that a mistake-free game. Was good at picking up loose pucks and moving them out of his zone but less effective in neutral and offensive zone.

RUS #7 LD Ryzhenkov, Pavel (2016) – Had an OK game in a limited role. Saw some PK usage and broke up a couple of plays defensively. Had a nice hit along the wall to win the puck.

RUS #9 LD Iakovenko, Aleksandr (2016) – Was comfortable handling the puck and showed offensive upside along with a good first pass out of his zone. Was a shot threat from the point the entire game and scored 2 goals.

RUS #10 LD Makeev, Nikita (2016) – Had more of a quiet game. Not many mistakes but struggled a bit with his lack of size in some battles and his puck-movement was just OK, some simple passes but lacked the high-end poise. Had one chance on PP by the time the game was already decided.

RUS #12 RW Ivanyuzhenkov, Artem (2016) – Had one net drive and a penalty shot that he didn’t score one. Overall, played too soft for his size. In third period he had one dominating offensive zone shift, once he actually decided to use his size. Skated well but needs to be more consistent.

RUS #13 RW Popugaev, Nikita (2016) – Started off invisible, playing soft perimeter hockey. Got significantly better later in the game.. Scored a breakaway goal and added an assist in the third period. Shift-to-shift impact could be better, but he found ways to get involved in the second half.

RUS #15 C Ivanov, Georgii (2017) – Scored and played smart hockey. Was not very noticeable but got better throughout the game. In third period he started to protect the puck better and got some more time handling it and making plays. Has shown willingness to sacrifice his body to be involved offensively.

RUS #17 C Rubtcov, German (2016) – Did a good job reading the play but failed to get going consistently. Some scrambles in offensive zone going to the dirty areas but not many results. Had one sequence where he showed off his tools by controlling the puck in the offensive zone for the entire shift.

RUS #18 LW Geraskin, Igor (2016) – Was buzzing with energy. He had several rush chances pushing the defense back with the pace of his play. Drove the net several times. Had one goal surprising the goalie with a half shot half pass that was directed into the corner of the net.

RUS #24 LW Kayumov, Artur (2016) – He was good on the forecheck, did a good job hounding the puck-carrier. Despite being mid-sized at best if not smaller, he knows how to protect the puck and elude being pinned down at the wall. Had one skilled net drive towards the end of the game that made US defense look silly.