Brandon Wheat Kings vs Kelowna Rockets, Dec 3rd, 2016

Brandon Wheat Kings at Kelowna Rockets, Dec 3rd, 2016
Final Score BDN1 KEL2

#12 1RW Mattheos, Stelio (2017)
Worked on the top line and the 1st powerplay unit tonight and put forth a really strong work ethic, showed drive to attack loose pucks and keep offensive plays alive with a willingness to sacrifice himself battle hard. Looked a little lost playing off the rush and lacked some creativity in transition. Attempted to make some individual plays and be the go too guy where he didn’t look bad he just needs to get his open teammates involved a little more, as he can’t do it all. Lacked some breakout speed to really create separation from defenders would go along way to help his solid hands do some work.

#24 2C Gutenberg, Connor (2017)
A valuable player on this evening that looked like he was giving a max effort grabbing a second assist on the lone Brandon goal. Got an opportunity on playing on the left side of the powerplay; a useful place for him because he has strong wrist shot with smooth release. Skates with a good top speed and has strong acceleration, needs to harness his natural quickness as sometimes it looks like he’s going nowhere really fast, edging needs improvement because he looks erratic and out of control. In terms of his skating its more positive that negative.

#28 2RW Thompson, Baron (2017)
A massive frame that towers over his fellow WHL players that moves well for his size. Doesn’t play a physically imposing game or use his size to dominate in that manner. Plays well positional play along the boardsAn is solid does a good job of separating his man from the puck and closing to take away time and space. Was kicked out of this game for a check to the head, fair or not it was a tough play on him as he towers over most of the opposition.

#7 2RD Bukac, Daniel (2017)
Another big body who moves alright, but really neglected to have much of an impact on this game and wasn’t impactful on most shifts

#16 1RW Lind, Kole (2017)
Picked up a powerplay assist on a nice 3 way passing play. Really appreciate the way Lind moves the puck accurately across the ice and through bodies, he exhibits good vision to release the puck quickly; thinking at high speed and delivering on the play. Showed so strong puck protection throughout the game using his body well on the parameter to keep offensive zone time alive but had a difficult time penetrating into the slot to really deploy dangerous scoring threats.

#25 1RD Foote, Cal (2017)
Over thinking with the puck tonight and holding pucks on the breakout and looks to be overthinking once he gets the puck on his stick. As he usually does he was defending well and boxing players out to loose pucks, has a strong ability to create takeaways in his own zone, its after the takeaways where he had some struggles tonight. Liked his showing on the breakout during the powerplay, push up ice with the forwards, a few times a positive sign and not something he always exhibits.

#20 3RW Bruggan-Cate, Conner (2017)
Played with a strong puck pursuit tonight won some 50/50 puck battles and used his stick for some really effective takeaways. Good presence in shooting lanes aggressive on shooters and blocking fearlessly. Dug hard in front of the net for scoring chances and was a general pest, not afraid to engaged after the whistle and get under the opponents skin. A strong showing for Bruggan-Cate tonight in his limited role.

#5 2RD Belcourt, Konrad (2018)
Getting an opportunity to start in the offensive zone but didn’t make much of it, looks nervous to shoot, defers to partner and forwards but makes good offensive zone passes. Decisions looked a little rushed tonight against an aggressive forecheck, also got in a fight and dropped the much bigger Blake, played tough.

#29 3LW Foote, Nolan (2019)
Had a couple strong scoring chances tonight, releases his shot with power both in stride and stationary, like him much more when he keeps his feet moving. Strong ability to protect pucks with his outside shoulder and fight off defenders.