Calgary at Medicine Hat December 18, 2015

Calgary Hitmen 2 at Medicine Hat Tigers 0
December 18, 2015
#11 Beck Malenstyn
Malenstyn played a very aggressive, high tempo game. He was very aggressive on the forecheck, and displayed very good puck protection down low. Malenstyn has good speed, and uses it to his advantage most noticeably with his puck pursuit and retrieval on the offensive zone. He forces defenders to make quick decisions with the puck. Malenstyn needs to improve his positioning in his end of the rink, but did a good job of using his body to muscle opponents off the puck. Malenstyn didn’t display much for offensive ability, but displayed a high energy style of game.
#16 Dawson Martin
Martin is a small, light player. His skating needs work, especially his foot speed and power. He has a tough time separating himself from attackers when he has possession of the puck, and this lead to a few turnovers. Showed some ability of creating space for himself around the net for a pass option, but lacks finish.
#21 Bryce Platt
Platt has a big frame and plays a heavy style of hockey. He displayed good puck pursuit in the offensive zone, and did good work of using his body to work players off pucks. Displayed good heads up ability, making some good passes, finding open team mates in front of the net. His skating ability is decent, but he doesn’t have much for speed.
#2 Jake Bean
Bean has excellent skating abilities. His ability to separate himself from attackers and skate the puck out of trouble appears to be almost effortless. He makes a good first pass leaving his end of the rink, but also showed great ability to carry the puck himself and gain the attacking zone with possession. Bean can make quick plays, in tight to his body when he is getting pressured, and his edge work is very good. Bean can be a liability on the ice, due to the skill plays he attempts.
#14 Ryan Jevne
Jevne showed a lot more confidence to his game. He was making smart decisions with the puck offensively, and did a good job getting in on puck battles at both ends of the rink.
#16 Max Gerlach
Gerlach did a good job of getting to the front of the net, looking for loose pucks. He was carrying the puck through the neutral zone with speed, and backed attackers off which allowed him to gain the zone easily. Gerlach has a good, quick release, and displayed it a couple times, just missing. Gerlach needs to help out more in his end of the rink. He tends to cherry pick, and leave his zone ahead of the puck, looking to get hit with a stretch pass and this puts added pressure on his defensemen.
#19 David Quenneville
Quenneville needs to be more aggressive and assertive on the power play. He wasn’t moving much when he had the puck, and was making slow decisions which seemed to break up the PP and make it easy for the Hitmen to defend against. His shot is always dangerous, and it finds the net.