Coming in 2020 – Hockey Scouts Training Course

Over the past decade, one of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked via email or twitter dm’s is if we offered or know of any sort of education for scouting. We’ve been slowly working away on a course for several summers and in 2020 we plan to launch Scouts U, a website created to house our Hockey Scouts Training Course.’s Mark Edwards on the subject.”It’s been consistent since at least 2010, we get asked a lot about Scouts education. About 7 years ago I started putting together how I would create some sort of Hockey Scouts Training Course. Every summer since then, I’ve spent two or three weeks working on it. A few years ago, one of our scouts put some hours into it as well, but we’ve reworked everything since then. It’s been a very long slow process, but this summer it’s been more than just myself chipping away at it and we have spent a lot more time on the course. My goal was to produce something I’d want to enrol in myself. We’re still finishing things up, but I really like what we’ve completed so far. I’ve showed the course to a few NHL Scouts and the feedback has been great.”

Our course will be presented in two parts. Part I and the creatively named Part II. Part I will give the the students an overview of the scouting profession and on what traits scouts evaluate during their trips to the rinks. Part I has units on everything from game preparation to breaking down shooting and puck retrieval. Part II will be more focused on the practical work and is offered to students who have completed Part I.

Stay tuned and check back in September 2020 for a projected launch date.

Edited for updated release info