Draft Year 2012: Brendan Gaunce

The 2012 NHL Draft is just a five months away and our book featuring 2012 NHL Draft prospect, Brendan Gaunce is getting closer to it’s release date in May. With the release date getting closer each day, we give you some excerpts from the upcoming book which is being written by John Matisz.



By now, it’s general knowledge in the junior hockey realm that Brendan Gaunce offers a three-zone game. He’s an offensive force, yet far from a liability when travelling through the neutral zone and while protecting his own end.


When it comes to elite forwards, however, even players with rounded skill sets rank scoring goals as one of their chief responsibilities.


The variety in which the Markham, Ont., native can put the puck in the net is above average. A top-corner shootout goal, wrister off the sideboards, backhand rebound – you name it, he has the ability to do it, and has probably done it over the course of the 2011-12 season thus far.


A goal’s a goal, yes, but scoring through a choice move is something different. Which begs the question: What’s his goal of choice, his utopian tally?


“There’s a couple of moves I have come to like over the years, but they all have to do with wrap-arounds. I like wrapping it quick when I’m going full speed. Or, when I’m behind the net going one way on the defender, I try to wrap it around quick there, too.


“Wrap-arounds are probably my favourite play to do. I’ve noticed my strength is definitely not toe-dragging at the blueline.”


Clearly honest with himself and comfortable with speaking his mind, the Belleville Bull chimed in on the ongoing debate of fighting’s place in the game:


“I don’t have a problem with fighting at all. I think it shows unity within the team and how guys are able to stick up for each other. Without fighting I don’t think games would be as intense, and I don’t think teams would be as close.


“You wouldn’t think guys had your back, so I really don’t mind it. After a big hit, if there’s a fight, it’s about sticking up for your team.”