Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs at Lambton Jr. Sting, September 15, 2012

Alliance Minor Midget Regular Season – Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs at Lambton Jr. Sting

EMC #13 F Coyle, Josh – Josh has very good size, he drives the wing well and is a pretty good skater for his size. He was effective both passing and shooting when driving the wing. Coyle played a physical style throughout this game .

EMC #15 F Worrad, Drew – While Konecky was dominant, Worrad put together a pretty solid game himself. Drew has a great work ethic, puck skills and awareness in the offensive zone. He has quick hands and made some great passes to set up scoring chances. He is dangerous when in a shooting position because he gets a lot of power behind his shot, when Lambton players gave him a little space he was able to use it to use it

[sociallocker]to score. He showed great anticipation on one play catching a Lambton player making a lazy pass, picked it off then went in to score. Worrad likes to hit and will finish his opponents hard along the boards whenever possible. Drew was consistently tough for Lambton defenders to handle in 1 on 1 situations.

EMC #9 F Konecky, Travis – Konecky is primed to be one of the top picks in the 2013 OHL Priority Selection, and showed exactly why in todays game. He is an excellent skater and he eludes contact extremely well up ice, and can go end to end with the puck. He takes contact well and appears to be built fairly strong despite playing a dynamic/finesse type of game. He is very patient with the puck and when he has his shot he releases a quick, powerful shot on goal. Sometimes he will use his abilities to draw in opposing player, opening up a teammate and feed them for a goal. He is an equally talented shooter and passer, which just makes him that much more dangerous. He isn’t afraid of contact and will engage physically even initiate it at times when necessary. He sees the game at a different level than most and this vision allowed him to practically dismantle the Lambton team today. Travis was even effective on the penalty kill putting pressure on the point. Without Konecky in the line-up this could have been a much closer game. With Konecky in it, it was a blowout.

EMC #18 D Horvat, Reed – Reed battled hard and won a lot of these throughout the game, but was for the most part very quiet.

EMC #19 F Kim, Andrew – Kin has excellent skating and puck rushing abilities. He showed good passing ability and was able the thread the needle on several occasions. He has good hands and can be elusive. While he didn’t play a big impact on this game, he showed a number of flashes of real good potential in his skillset.

EMC #55 F Broomhead, Hayden – Broomhead had a hat trick tonight, however a lot of this was thanks to excellent positioning and great passing ability by Travis Konecky. Two of his three goals came off of the stick of Konecky, delivered to Broomhead with an open net to shoot into. The third was scored off of a rebound which went right to Hayden on the doorstep and again, he had an open net to finish into. While we don’t want to take anything away from his hat trick performance, it was strongly based around his positioning in the goal area and his linemates. Hayden is certainly a player we will be keeping an eye on in future viewings.

EMC #91 D Mayo, Cole – Cole won a lot of battles along the boards. He moved the puck up ice very effectively and displayed a hard point shot that, at times lacked accuracy. He jumped up in the play on occasion and played a very smart puck moving role for the Chiefs.

LAM #17 D Osborne, Colton – Osborne showed solid puck movement and good skating ability. He looked comfortable with the puck and didn’t try to force things.

LAM #20 F Trottier, Brenden – Along with Corrigan, Trottier looked to have the most talent up front for this Lambton team. He showed good hands and faired well in 1 on 1 situations. He looked dangerous in the offensive zone, and has a good shot on him.

LAM #91 F Corrigan, Brett – Corrigan displays excellent skating ability, top speed as well as his ability to accelerate. Early on he was showing good forecheck but didn’t want to initiate any contact or make an aggressive effort on the puck. He has the skating to close the gap quickly, but didn’t put the pressure necessary to force a turnover. This also was a concern when he would take on Chiefs’ defenders 1 on 1. This was corrected as the game went on, he was Lambton’s most consistently dangerous offensive player, as a number of occasions he showed good moves to get past the defender and get an offensive chance. Brett looked good on the powerplay controlling the puck with patience, and made good decisions. He is a little undersized, but with the skills he possesses if he can prove to be effective on a team that isn’t particularly deep with talent, it will force OHL teams to take a look at him in this draft.

Scouts Notes: Lambton is definitely feeling the loss of forwards Adam Craievich (Oakville Rangers) and Denis Yan (Detroit Belle Tire). Going into this season they appeared to be a team who could make some noise, however after losing some talented players, this team may struggle this season. Elgin-Middlesex pretty much dominated from start to finish, with the 8-0 score a fair example. Chiefs’ Goaltender Justin Fazio didn’t really get tested at all in this game as basically all of his saves would be concerned routine. Elgin-Middlesex looks to have improved since last season and possess more than a handful of legitimate prospects.[/sociallocker]