Halifax Mooseheads vs. Victoriaville Tigres November 10 2012

November 10 2012, Halifax Mooseheads vs. Victoriaville Tigres (Regular Season Game)

HAL #31 G Fucale, Zachary (2013) – Fucale showed he was very meticulous with his positioning and about covering angles. He is always searching for the puck and putting himself in the best position that he can. He gave up five goals in this game but there was not much he could do on any of them.

[sociallocker]On the first goal, he was beat by a beautiful set play on the powerplay. On the 2nd goal he had a pile of players in front of him trying to force the puck him and he was able to get the first save on them. On the 3rd goal he made the save but gave a rebound which resulted in a goal. And on the 4th goal, he saw absolutely nothing. He had his view blocked and a powerful shot came from the blueline. On the fifth goal Victoriaville’s Dominik Rehak slipped one past him with a rocket from his far left. He couldn’t move laterally a little bit faster to face Rehak, but the shot was just too quick.

HAL #22 C Mackinnon, Nathan (2013) – Mackinnon had a very difficult game. He didn’t display his usual jump and Victoriaville’s Jonathan Diaby did a wonderful job matching against him. Mackinnon had one flash early in the game where he used his burst down the wing and exploited his body to drive the defenseman to the net, which I liked. Then it took a while to see him use his speed again, but he did it nicely, cutting to the middle ridiculously quick to get a scoring chance. Then I didn’t get to see much. He was abused physically at the blue line and didn’t display much energy in his puck battles. He had a few sequences in the offensive zone where he looked good using his quick hands, but that was it. Mackinnon was also very weak in the faceoff circle, winning only 11 of 28 against Victoriaville’s captain Phillip Danault.

HAL #27 LW Drouin, Jonathan (2013) – Drouin, just like his partner Mackinnon, started the game very slowly but he was able to raise his performance level throughout the game. He tried two long passes in the neutral zone early in the game that resulted in turnovers. Then he managed to get a breakaway on the penalty kill with a great burst of speed but was stopped by the goalie. He also displayed his great passing skills in the offensive zone, spotting a teammate the other way around the zone, passing it through heavy traffic right on the money. In the 2nd period we got to see another Drouin breakaway, created with his very good speed once again. He managed to beat the goalie but couldn’t slip the puck in. The fact that his feet are always in movement and very quick well help him get ahead of his opponents. In the second period again, Drouin had yet another breakaway, beating the goalie this time with his quick hands. Drouin also made a nice play on Martin Frk’s goal, spotting him in front of the net for the one timer. It wasn’t a very difficult pass to make, but it was the right decision to make. Other than that, Drouin wasn’t as involved physically as I saw in my other viewings, but this game was a lot about skating and he really get much chances to work along the boards.

VIC#3 D Diaby, Jonathan (2013) – Diaby had a wonderful game against the Mackinnon line. He was on the ice every single time they were out there and he did great. He started off the game with a great physical play on Stefan Fournier behind the net to stop him and recuperate the puck. He managed his 1-on-1s against Drouin and Mackinnon beautifully. He kept a safe gap and used his long reach to keep them from dangling the puck at their will. He forced them to slow down and then he could redirect them the way he wanted to. He kept doing a great job along the board, ending the play quickly with his big body. On one occasion Mackinnon tried to use his speed on him but he had top slow down and opt for a wrist shot from far away. He also used his stick once to poke check Mackinnon and he drilled him with a legal hit. Diaby also played on the power play again tonight. He made a beautiful shot pass from the point to his teammate Miceli for the goal. You can see he is getting more comfortable handling the puck, although like I mentioned several times, it’s not his cup of tea. His defensive zone coverage once installed in the defensive zone was good most of the night, but on a few occasions he was at the wrong place and he hesitates a little bit. I did like the fact that he kept going hard after the players even though he got himself out of position.

VIC #12 LW Rehak, Dominik (2013) – Rehak played an excellent game. He showed very good passing skills while in movement and he was able to combine his speed and his hands to create things offensively. He worked very hard in the slot for one of his first goal. Then he positioned himself extremely well to receive a pass and fire a rocket past Fucale. He displayed good energy in this game and was able to use his speed a lot more compared to other outings.

VIC #57 LW Veilleux, Tommy (2013) – All I have in my notes for him in this game is: hitting, hitting, hitting, and fighting. He started the game with one huge hit along the board and another open-ice hit on the same shift to get his team going. On his next shift he got a big hit on Mackinnon in the defensive zone that allowed his team to regain possession of the puck. He then picked up a fight against veteran Trey Lewis, both throwing some hard punches. Veilleux kept doing a good job physically and he brought energy on the ice. I got to see very little of him offensively. He prefers to dump the puck rather than play with it. He did a good job crashing the net on one occasion in the third period.