Social Media

We have had this post ready and decided it might be a good time to publish it. The stability of Twitter is being questioned by many people and we want to be able to stay in touch with all of you just in case Twitter disappears sometime in the future. Our main Twitter account currently has 21,700 followers. That doesn’t include the thousands who follow our scout’s personal accounts. Twitter has been our main social media account we use to go alongside this website.

In recent weeks we have been getting more active on our Youtube channel and plan to coninue being more active. If Twitter goes down we will increase our activity on Youtube by a large amount. We will also begin updating Facebook and Instagram much more often.

YouTube is our one platformm that we would especially like to see grow. We’d love to have enough of an audience to begin communicating via live streams, where we could interact with people who are passionate about scouting and the various drafts.

Please Follow our other social media accounts so that we can stay in touch with all of you. We made a mistake not paying more attention to Youtube years ago.

Scouting and following the various drafts brought us together and we’d like to keep it that way. Even if Twitter’s death is greatly exaggerated, we really want to grow our other platforms to increase our ability to communicate with all of you.

Thanks everyone.


Instagram: @ScoutingService