Indiana Ice vs. USNTDP Oct 23, 2012


    Oct 23, 2012,Indiana Ice vs. USNTDP (USHL Regular Season)

    IND #4 D, Smith, Alex (2013) In this game he demonstrated some good gap control and forced his man to the outside. He was clearing the front of the net and moved the puck out of the zone up the boards, chipping the puck out of dangerous areas. He was willing to join in the rush and…

    [sociallocker]get his shot on net and did a good job finding lanes to skate the puck up the ice. Smith also demonstrated some good vision with a nice first pass out of the zone to spot his breakout options and could make his long pass tape to tape. He got his shots through from the point and kept them low. There was one questionable decision when the opposition had a 2 on 1 against him and he was too aggressive on the puck carrier, in this situation he needs to have patience and watch the pass rather than the puck. Overall he demonstrated some good speed and skating and was able to protect the puck.

    IND #8 D, Jacobs, Joshua (2014) In this game Jacobs was physical and challenging the shooter. He had some good gap control and managed to keep his man to the perimeter and directed the play with his stick. He got his stick in the way to tip the puck out of dangerous areas and got down in lanes to block passes with his body. He has some pretty decent size at 6’2 and 192 lbs. and managed to get his shot through and kept down nice and low.

    IND #24 LW, Pieper, Bo (2013) A fast high energy player who showed some good positioning in his own zone and gave options for a breakout. He was protecting the puck well and was strong on the puck and able to move the puck well and quickly. He was making sure to put pressure on the puck carrier and kept to a simple dump and chase game when his options are taken away ensuring he is making the safe play.

    USNT#12 LW, Lebanc, Kevin (2014) Lebanc had a great game and was finding the score sheet often. He was showing some really nice hands, had some good moves and rushed the puck up the ice welling finding seems to skate or pass the puck. He can pass the puck well and was opening up to give options and shot the puck well, also crashed the net looking for chances. He displayed some great vision to see where the puck should go and cuts well to the middle with the puck, protecting the puck. There was a questionable decision when he took a shot on a 3 on 1 when he could have easily moved the puck around a bit to make it harder on the goalie.

    USNT #14 LW, Motte, Tyler (2013) Displayed some clear high-end skill in this game. He has some great moves and can beat a defender 1 on 1 but sometimes tries to do too much and force a play and could be more effective making the safe play and getting the puck in deep. He took a lot of shots from different areas in this game and followed up going to the net for rebounds and is willing to stand in front of the net. He got to the net and had some nice positioning in the offensive zone. He tried to force the play through unnecessarily at one point on the power play and needs to wait for lanes to open up to make his passes.

    USNT #4 D, Butcher, Will (2013) A defenseman who has some great vision and can really move the puck well. In this game he was making some great passes and some nice little chip plays off the board. He showed some nice agility and was able to twist and turn his way out of any trouble and can rush the puck up the ice very well. He was getting to the slot to offer options in the offensive zone and had a nice quick release on his shot as well.

    USNT #14 RW, McCarron, Mike (2013) McCarron is a winger with some great size at 6’5 and could be quite a dominant force if he added some strength. He demonstrated some good patience with the puck to outwait his defenseman and move the puck across the ice to a scoring area. He was passing the puck well and showing good instincts to get the puck to those dangerous spots. He was driving hard to the net and did a great job getting to the slot and finding space to open up for a pass. He can drive wide and get a shot off looking for a rebound, or get out to the slot to get his shot off. He was protecting the puck well, and made a nice play a few times where he would gain the zone and move the puck to the outside to the side-boards and then drive hard to the net to create some chances.

    USNT #14 RW, Kelleher, Tyler (2013) A very highly skilled forward who showed some nice moves and good finish in this game. He displayed some real nice passing and battle for the puck and was able to move the puck to scoring areas. He drove hard to the net and was looking for rebounds and did a good job spotting his options and getting the puck to the open man in the high slot. He is a player who clearly really loves to score and did a good job finding open ice to work with on the Power play and moved the puck quickly into scoring areas. He kept the puck moving well and shot often from just about everywhere.

    USNT #14 RW, Fasching, Hudson (2013) This was a great game for Fasching, he played a great two-way game and was showing some excellent potential. He has some good strength and was showing some nice puck battle winning almost every one. He moved the puck really well to high chance dangerous areas and kept the puck moving north on the breakout. He also showed some great hockey sense moving into the slot and opening up to create chances. Fasching was very effective defensively as well back-checking had and knocking the puck off the opposition. He hustled end to end but did cross the line at one point when he took down his man and took a penalty coming back. He was making hits to neutralize the opposition’s attack and was very strong on the puck protecting it well as he was very difficult to knock off the puck in this game. He was fore-checking hard and playing a good cycle game and making some moves to create space in the offensive zone.

    USNT #28 LW, Eiserman, Shane (2014) Eiserman was working very hard in this game and really hustling and competing in all three zones. He has some nice speed and the sense to read the play developing. He demonstrated some great physicality and finished his checks and was using his body well to protect the puck while driving from the outside. He displayed some real nice hockey sense and puck movement, and brought a good net-front presence as well. Eiserman likes to shoot the puck often and made quite a few good little chip plays to keep the puck moving towards his teammates. He followed up hard to the net but sometimes was mishandling the puck by trying to make too many moves, or had the tendency to go soft on it from time to time. Eiserman needs to watch the turnovers and make sure he can get the puck through when throwing it up the middle, but also did make some good passes in this game and got the puck across on a 2 on 1.

    USNT #14 RW, Allen, Evan (2013) What stood out the most in this game for me was his shot. Allen displayed a really great shot a few times in this game and scored a couple goals including one with a minute left to give his team the lead when he just picked the perfect spot in the net. He was also passing the puck very well in this game and getting a lot of good shots off from dangerous areas showing some nice offensive instincts. He can drive well to the outside and really showed this when he drove wide and took the defenseman with him and then made a great no-look drop pass for a great opportunity. He showed some nice speed and vision, especially when he was rushing the puck up the ice and finding lanes to work with. He also showed some nice vision in his passing when he moved the puck to the slot to find teammates, passing the puck very effectively.

    SCOUT’S NOTES: A game that featured a lot of offense. It appeared both teams were just trying to outscore the others and stopped focusing on defending. The game could have been much higher scoring if it wasn’t for some lucky breaks and good saves by the goaltenders. There were players left open in the slot all game for both sides and a lot of good chances coming off the rush as well as from cycles. USA clearly has a very talented offensive group but is going to need to tighten up in their own zone and have some better coverage if they are going to win more often this year.

    FINAL SCORE: 6-4  [/sociallocker]