Kamloops Blazers at Kelowna Rockets, Jan 7th, 2017

Kamloops Blazers at Kelowna Rockets, Jan 7, 2017
Final Score KAM2 KEL3 SO

#31 G Ferguson, Dylan (2017)
Looked as though he was playing aggressive tonight and challenged shooters by playing at the top of the blue paint. Appreciated the use of his glove tonight as his catching hand is quick and he seems to have a knack for making a couple highlight reel save each viewing to rob a shooter. Plays a calm style in the net as he looks very sound in his positioning and doesn’t scramble too much. Likes to battle for his sightlines and occasionally gets physical with screening forwards pushing them out or taking hacks at them, overall great compete level and a strong performance on a strong Kelowna attack.

#27 3RD Kneen, Nolan (2017)
A less than impressive game for Kneen as he was physically pushed around and as the game wore on it looked at though his lack of physical battle caused him to disengage for the most of play in any of the difficult areas of the ice. His ability to battle for puck wasn’t there as he was bumped off easily and knocked around down low by the Kelowna forecheck with little response.

#7 LD Zazula, Luke (2018)
Really liked the way he competed tonight as he was bringing some strong ability to battle against larger forwards in front of the crease uses a good stick to disrupt scoring chances around his net. Where his physical game lacked was below the goal line he worked hard virtually every shift but has trouble pushing back when pinned against the boards and at time it’s easy to cycle pucks against him. Zazula does show a good job of gathering loose pucks and avoiding checkers can turn up the quickly, clear the zone and start the transition game. Didn’t like a penalty he took after getting beat by Lind on a zone entry he tried to close on him and got beat an stopped moving his feet and hooked the hands. Footwork is great; pivots are smooth and both forward and reverse skating is quick with speedy lateral cuts.

#16 2RW Lind, Kole (2017)
Lind brought a strong work ethic tonight and it was easy to appreciate his game. Right from the puck drop his feet were moving and he was initiating contact a good sign for him early in the game. Looked slippery in traffic and carried the puck with confidence an element to his game that is positive to see as he works a lot like quick passes and plays a lot without the puck. Was effective in drawing 2 penalties when he had the puck on his stick and kept his feet going. Drove hard to the net, skated with a non-stop motor and took the play to defenders, despite only 1 assist on the powerplay he was easily the most dangerous player on the ice.

#25 2RD Foote, Cal (2017)
Looked clam and collection on the offensive blueline and glided well east and west, was selective with his shot selection and at times looked like he was over thinking the play but was still effective getting his patient snap shot to the net and into the traffic around the blue paint. Looked good controlling the flow of the puck in the offensive zone, especially on the powerplay, would like to see him shoot more often but keeps zone time alive being the middle man from half board to half board. Looked great on the penalty kill taking away a lot of time and space and being a punishing physical presence in the net front and on the powerplay.

#12 3RW Gardiner, Erik (2017)
Had been riding the momentum of a few strong viewings but didn’t look great in this game, lost some ice-time because he was pushed down the line up and didn’t get a shot with many offensive players. Little to speak of for scoring chances and not an effective game for him.

#20 4LW Bruggan-Cate, Conner (2017)
Played hard which when scouting is something that has becoming accustom to seeing in his game, goes hard to dirty areas and battled hard in 50/50 puck battles. Stuck on the 4th line so saw some reduction in playing time and didn’t show many scoring chances.