Kemptville 73s AAA vs. Hawkesbury Hawks AAA, January 15, 2018

Kemptville 73s vs. Hawkesbury Hawks
January 15, 2018
HEO AAA Regular Season

HAW #74 F Crete, Yanic (2018) – Crete was impactful offensively for Hawkesbury in this game. In the first period, he exhibited good puck control and skill to deke the defence and carry the puck across the blueline on the rush. At one point, he read the play on defence perfectly and stepped up in the neutral zone to pick off a pass, skate the puck into the offensive zone and take a hard wristshot on net. Later, he picked up a loose puck with one hand and made a quick, tape-to-tape pass to his linemate coming across the blueline. He displays above average speed once in stride and good playmaking abilities to find his teammates regularly in the offensive zone with no-look passes. He has a knack for getting the puck on the stick of his linemates in prime scoring areas. He scored in the second period on a strong individual effort by skating the puck in from the corner and taking a shot from a sharp angle, about one foot above the goal line, exhibiting a quick release and hard shot to beat the goalie high.

HAW #24 D Bissonnette, Mikael (2018) – Bissonnette generally played a strong game for Hawkesbury, taking shifts on both defence and forward in this game. At forward, he was strong with the puck, but could have forechecked harder without the puck. He is an above-average skater, but his speed could continue to improve with a longer stride. He saw minutes in all situations, and generally made good decisions defensively.

HAW #14 F Gillingham, Seth (2018) – Gillingham played a strong game for Hawkesbury, contributing offensively for his club. In the first period, he was set up in front of the net and found the open space backdoor to score Hawkesbury’s first goal. In the third period, he did a good job of muscling his way to the front of the net for a scoring chance. He skated the puck across the blueline later in the period on a two-on-one, and did a good job of stopping up high to open up a passing lane, making a clean tape-to-tape pass to his linemate. He is an above-average skater at the AAA level once in stride, but his offensive game would be more consistent with improved acceleration.

KEM #10 F Olson, Carter (2018) – Olson is a two-way forward with size who plays with a physical edge. He picked up the second assist on Kemptville’s first goal of the game. He played in all situations and showed a willingness to block shots on the Penalty Kill. He is a quick skater once in stride but his first few steps could continue to improve. He consistently finished his checks on the forecheck.

KEM #1 G Lemaire, Jonathon (2018) – Lemaire was steady in net despite allowing five goals on 31 shots in this game. In the first period he exhibited very quick reflexes to make a first and second save in tight with not much defensive support in the slot. He is a big body goaltender who effectively cuts down angles on players> He showed above average reflexes and quick lateral movement. He was constantly making saves in tight with little time to react and was effective on the Penalty Kill. In the third period, he made a big save on a breakaway to keep his team within two goals