Mlada Boleslav at Kometa Brno U20, 8 Dec, 2017

Final Score: 5-3 Brno

BRN # 24 C Plasek, Karel (2018) – Did not play

BRN # 14 RW Strondala, Vojtech (2019) – Short small Strondala was hungry and had a quit good game and with very energetic quick moving legs. He showed quick first steps although he is not yet so powerful in the legs. He reads the game good and was extra competitive today. Strondala was one that had a consistent level on the speed today. He showed a couple of quick released shots, quick wrists and some nice offensive puck moving in high speed. He looks mature and with confident. I constantly need to remind myself that this guy is still 16 years and do these things in U20 team. He has very efficient FO% and more or less cuts the puck to get it where he wants. Lack of weight and hockey-leg-muscles makes the balance, quick starts and turns possible to develop. At some times Strondala continues to focus on referees and Boleslav players after game started, lead to mistakes and Boleslav opportunities. 1G (GWG) and +-2

BRN # 11 LW Svoboda, Matej (2018) – I liked Svoboda today, very
good attitude, competitive and he played with more speed than usual. Two times nice rush from own blue, did some quick direction changes, used toe ins. Noticed some good shots, first time a hard shot from slot slightly above the bar and second time resulting in a goal (5-1) with a quick wrist on goalies top corner. Looks to have good communication with Kowalczyk and Strondala. Today Svoboda used his tools good. Not sure if the higher speed was a coaching request due to quick Plasek away from the Strondala-Svoboda -Plasek line. 1G + 1A +-2

BRN # 2 G Dostal, Lukas (2018) – Was not in the team.

BRN # 13 C/LW Gajarsky, Adam (2018) – Has his stick down good, prepared for shots and re-directions. Quick released accurate direct shots. During 5-10 minutes in second period he used his skills and most of his speed. Gajarsky and #23 Krejci had a nice puck rush and it was not too far away from Gajarsky to redirect the shot into the net. Gajarsky also had some nice combinations with #9. The 2-0 goal was a very quick accurate pass to the right side when Gajarsky was acting as LD in PP. Kowalczyk scored before the team and goalie managed to change side.
Over the whole game Gajarsky did not used all his tools and Gajarsky was on ice both at 58.59 and 59.25, when Boleslav scored 2 quick goals against a Brno team that went on half gas. Gajarsky was covering his guys but the team cooperation was low on the line. I miss the attitude and the willingness to go flat out even if it will result in mistakes. Gajarsky has the tools to be one of the top Czech player. Today he had 1A and gets registered on -2.

BRN # 22 RD Kowalczyk, Daniel (2018) – Big RD that from time to time did really good stuff. Had some nice first passes, one to # 11 that was brilliant. He had a couple of quick shots from blue, one was really a bomb resulting in 2-1 goal. Had some unnecessary penalties and he could play more aggressive considering the big frame. Good positioned and gives a big impression size.

BRN # 25 LD Mlcak, Jan (2019) – The 01 born Mlcak was playing very mature, read the game good, he kept calm when under pressure. Played easy puck out but always with direction to Brno player. Mlcak did not hide himself, he took the opportunities to be in the game. He was on ice +1.

Mlada Boleslav

MLB # 13 LD Klikorka, Karel (2020) – Heavy late O1 born player. Didn’t play. 8 games in U20 only. 0.5 PPG in U17 national team.

MLB # 15 Grim, Jan (2019) – 00 born. Didn’t saw him much in the game. Big guy, did what expected. Had very good fore check against Brno # 14 resulting in a turning and a scoring chance. 1+0, +-0

MLB # 5 Sipek, Jakub (2019) – Sipek did his 2nd game in U20, I didn’t see much of him during the first 55 minutes. Sipek had ok skating and was visualized with high energy in the end, won the puck in the corner and put it in front of the net, then joined to the battle, against a week Brno line, in front of net resulting in a 5-3 goal. 1A

First period was open, in second period some Brno players added speed, third period Brno slowed down and gave away a lot of free chances to Boleslav. Last 2 minutes Brno “stopped to playing” and let Boleslav score at 58.59 and 59.25.