National Junior Evaluation Camp – Team Finland vs. Team USA, August 5, 2016

USA Hocket Select 15's Camp

Team Finland vs. Team USA, August 5, 2016

National Junior Evaluation Camp Exhibition

FIN #3 D Jokiharju, Henri (2017) – Good pinch to keep the play going in the offensive zone. Tries to force his shots from the point when he has no shooting lane and good passing options.

FIN #20 C Mattila, Julius (2017**) – Excellent speed, can go north-south or east-west with good speed and composure. Opens himself up well in the offensive zone for scoring chances.

FIN #29 D Valimaki, Juuso (2017) – Made a good shot block on the penalty kill, but bad body positioning going after the puck in the corner cost him a zone clear.

FIN #33 RW Tolvanen, Eeli (2017) – Nice shot on 2 on 1 rush to pick the corner and score 1-0 goal. He continued his shift after the goal and landed some hard hits. Had an outstanding shift in the second period making an excellent one on one move on a defender then got robbed by the goaltender, then quickly got open for a pass in high scoring area. Later on during a line change he went 1 on 4 and stole the puck then made an excellent pass to set up 2-0 goal for Finland. Displayed speed, agility, creativity, compete and hockey sense in this game. Drew a powerplay in the third period going one on one with a defender and getting held up. Forces his shots sometimes.

FIN #34 LW Vesalainen, Kristian (2017) – Good positioning and puck movement on the power play. Good skater for his size. He accelerates well go go wide on opponent then made a good pass to set up a scoring chance. Good play out of the box to lead his teammate into a partial breakaway chance.

USA #6 D Ahcan, Jack (2017*) – Misplayed a 2 on 1 pretty bad, resulting in 0-1 goal. Aggressive holding the line on the power play, prevented some clearing attempts.

USA #29 D Martin, Luke (2017) – Got his shot off from the point quickly and accurately under pressure. Made the safe play with the puck under pressure in his own zone to prevent mistakes and unnecessary opportunities for the opposition. Good read on plays to step up and break up neutral zone passes. Makes things easy on his defensive partner, always making himself an option and not jumping ahead of the play. Pretty smooth backwards skater.

Final Score: Team Finland: 2 – Team USA: 1