Nicholas Baptiste – Sudbury Wolves – 2013 NHL Draft

Baptiste was selected 6th Overall in the 2011 OHL Priority Selection Draft, out of the Ottawa Jr. Senators program. Nicholas was a player our scouts absolutely loved. He arguably could have been the best player out of the draft, but suffered multiple shoulder injuries which dropped him down.  Nicholas got off to a bit of a slow start to his OHL career, putting up 10 points in his first 39 games. Then he turned it on in the second half, putting up 17 in his final 25 games and really showing what he could do at this level. Whether the points were going up on the board or not, Baptiste showed his ability to create offense and really make his line mates better.

We really felt his performance at the U17 playing for Team Ontario was a huge turning point for Nick this season. He was easily one of the best players and made a huge impact on the team. Baptiste has out-standing speed and will be one the absolute best skaters for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. For his size and with the speed he generates, he is very impressive. If the defense isn’t ready for him, he can turn a high-light reel move in a hurry with his ability to cut through opposing players. Despite his individual talent, he’s one of those guys that makes everybody else on the ice better. He has excellent passing ability, as well as a laser of a shot and can exploit the defense with his ability to read and react to the play.

Nicholas isn’t afraid to mix it up and get into traffic, but needs to get a little stronger. He has a power forwards frame, but is really a dynamic type of player, who beats you with his skill before his size. We are shocked that not many people are talking about this kid, because if he can avoid injuries again and get past those he suffered in 2010-2011, then the sky is the limit.