OHL Draft: North York Rangers vs. South Central Coyotes, Marlboros Holiday Classic

December 26, 2012

,North York Rangers vs. South Central Coyotes
Minor Midget AAA Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic Tournament

NYR # 86, RW, Maneuf, Adam – Maneuf is a really good skater with some great speed and drives hard to the net. He opened up really well on an odd-man rush to take a pass for a…

[sociallocker]good chance and followed up to the net looking for chances. He put some great pressure on the puck carrier and was physical to knock his man over and take the puck. There were moments when he panicked with the puck and tried to move it in a rush resulting in a turnover and needs to be a bit more calm and patient with it.

NYR # 65, D, Rodriguez, Avery- Rodriguez is a really big body defenseman who is willing to jump up and join the attack. He went hard to the net and had a great net-front presence to screen the goalie and allow his team to score the 2nd goal of the game. He got in lanes one the penalty kill to block shots and got his stick in lanes to block passes and breakup plays but needs to hold on to his stick a little better. He has some decent speed for a bigger player and can move the puck up the boards decently but there were times he just threw the puck around the boards and needs to look up and look where he’s passing it. He was taking down his man and keeping him to the outside and was able to skate the puck out of the zone protecting it well.

SCC # 4, D, Ventura, Lucas- Ventura is a smaller defenseman who showed some nice quickness and agility and can skate the puck into the offensive zone with some great moves to create space. He protects the puck really well in order to draw the penalty and showed some really good agility to avoid hits. He had a nice end-to-end rush protecting the puck and finding lanes to gain the offensive zone and put a good shot on net.

SCC # 90, C, Kalsner-Lowe, Noah- Kalsner-Lowe is a smaller forward who has some really nice speed and quickness to his game. He battled hard for the puck and showed some good hands and agility to be able to work the puck under pressure, but needs to watch the turnovers on too many moves. He showed some great speed to skate the puck into the offensive zone and agility to stop-up quickly and move the puck to a trailing player. He was able to cycle the puck effectively in the offensive zone and put some nice pressure and physicality on the fore-check. He was also reading plays to pick off turnovers and clear the puck out of his own end on the penalty kill and made a great diving play defensively to break up the play and block the pass.

SCC # 83, RW, Smith, Jake- Smith has some great hands and vision and is able to spot the open man down low next to the net for some good one-timer opportunities. He is a bit of an awkward skater and needs to add some more speed to his game, but protects the puck well and drives to the net with the puck. He showed a nice ability to rush the puck up along the wing and move it to an open man in the middle for a great chance from in tight and also was able to pick up a rebound in the slot to score the team’s 1st goal of the game. He has a pretty good shot from the point as he opens up well to take one-timers and showed some really good puck skills distributing it well and creating some space for good chances. He finished his hits along the wall on the fore-check, just needs to watch some of the turnovers by trying too many moves in the offensive zone.

SCC # 14, RW, Gonsalves, Austin- Gonsalves has some really nice quickness and speed to his game and some great puck protection and cycle deep in the offensive zone. He was physical along the boards on the puck carrier and showed some good aggression just needs to make sure he isn’t crossing the line taking unnecessary penalties. He showed a willingness to get in lanes to block shots and was pressuring the puck carrier.

SCC # 88, LW, Commisso, Frankie- Commisso is a really fast skater who hustles hard for loose pucks. He has some decent puck protection along the walls but needs to add some size and strength to be more effective. He can get the puck in deep to start a cycle in the offensive zone and was physical along the boards but really needs to add size and balance so that he isn’t the one falling over.

SCC # 91, C, Visconti, Joseph- Visconti has a great hustle and work ethic as he is a real work horse and was back-checking hard to lift opponent’s stick and take the puck off the opposition to force a turnover. He had some good back-pressure on the puck carrier to rush him and force turnovers. He made some nice wide drives with some good puck protection and moves the puck towards a man in the middle. He battles hard for the puck and was able to take a feed in the slot for a great chance but missed the net.

FINAL SCORE: 3-3 [/sociallocker]