Peterborough Petes at Ottawa 67s, October 6, 2017

Peterborough Petes vs Ottawa 67s
October 6, 2017

OTT #88 D Bahl, Kevin (2018) – Bahl had a quiet, defensively sound first period. He demonstrated more offensive skill as the game went on. He has a good first pass on the breakout and made multiple outlet passes to create quick transitions for Ottawa’s offence. He can hit teammates at high speed with his passing and at one point made a long saucer pass across the net on Powerplay. The opposition had difficulty knocking him off the puck at times due to his size and puck protection. He consistently made good decisions with the puck to avoid giveaways and alleviate pressure in his own end. His defensive game and hockey IQ are where he shines. Bahl uses his size to his advantage in front of his own net and makes safe clearing plays off the glass in tight defensive situations. On a 4-on-4 in the second period, he made a no-look pass to the open winger from the blueline for the second Ottawa goal. He plays top defensive minutes in important situations for his team at the OHL level.

OTT #71 F Clark, Kody (2018) – Clark’s offensive skills with the puck stood out in this game. He made a great deke at one point in the first period showing patience to pull two defenders toward him and make a clean pass behind the net to his open linemate. He plays top minutes and sees time on both the Powerplay and the Penalty Kill. He did a good job using his body to protect the puck and has very good instincts in the offensive zone. In the first period, he dodged a hit and held onto the puck with one hand to maintain possession, which allowed him to set up his teammate in front for a prime scoring opportunity. He made a great move on the Powerplay to bully his way to the front of the net with his body. In the third period, he had a strong forecheck on the Powerplay to pressure Chisholm and steal the puck. He was able to accelerate to high speeds on the rush and would skate back hard on the backcheck, one time breaking up the play. He showed off his hard wrist shot at one point in the third period.

OTT #28 D Okhotyuk, Nikita (2019) – Okhotyuk played a strong stay-at-home game and likes to play physical. At one point, he wheeled with the puck in the offensive zone and picked up lots of speed for a clear shot on net, although he probably had better offensive options with the space he created. He played a rough style throughout the game, and made a great defensive play at one point to knock the puck into the corner on the Penalty Kill and then throw a big hit on the incoming forward.

PBO #17 F Gogolev, Pavel (2018) – Gogolev has a hard, accurate wristshot and good offensive instincts. He made a strong, accurate slap-pass back-door to his linemate for a tap in goal. He saw significant time on the penalty kill and demonstrated above average skating. In Overtime, he had a break away opportunity where he showed soft hands making a nice deke, but was beat by the goalie.

PBO #19 F Der-Arguchintsev, Semyon (2018) – Der-Arguchintsev is a quick skater with high-end playmaking abilities. He played a lot of minutes on the Powerplay throughout the game and had good vision in the offensive zone to find his teammates with open space. His quick acceleration made him strong on the forecheck and he showed off creative offensive skill in tight areas. At one point, he had a nice wrap-around opportunity and pulled off a between-the-legs deke on the rush in Overtime.

PBO #20 D Chisholm, Declan (2018) – Chisholm received top minutes for Peterborough and played a solid two-way game. Chisholm has a strong stride and demonstrated impeccable vision of the ice. He made good decisions under pressure and rarely gave the puck away. He’s not afraid to jump into the play when an opportunity presents itself, and his speed allows him to get back into position defensively. He quarterbacks Peterborough’s top Powerplay unit, consistently making tape-to-tape passes and good decisions under pressure. He flashed some speed on the rush and was able to pull off a deke at high speed to get around the defender and stay with the puck.