S.S.F. Quebec Typhon vs Antoine-Girouard Gaulois, Midget Espoir, January 7th 2017

S.S.F. Quebec Typhon vs Antoine-Girouard Gaulois, Midget Espoir, January 7th 2017

TYP #5 RD Jean, Maxime (2019): Jean played a good game in his own territory, using well his stick defensively to cut the passes lanes. He also made a couple of good deflections of the puck with his stick in one-on-one situations because of the appropriate gap he had with his opponent, deflecting a dangerous shot on the protective net behind the goal in the second period and a passing attempt in the slot later in the game. He skated well and showed a decent balance on his skates. He did well in his battles for the puck in his own zone. He played on the power play.

TYP #12 C Rouleau, William (2019): Rouleau had a bad penalty early in the game for a hit from behind that eventually cost his team a goal. He generated some quality scoring chances for his team and played in every kind of situations, as he was used on the power play as well as on the penalty kill. He was effective to recover the puck from his opponents. He showed great skills in possession of the puck, always keeping his head high and was able to protect the puck effectively with his arm and his body to maintain control of the puck and carrying it to the opposite territory. He was good to quickly change direction, moving his feet well, and he was also particularly effective to outsmart his opponents in the neutral zone when he had the puck on his stick. His skating is way over the average.

TYP #16 LW Giguère, Maxime (2019): Giguère had some good flashes in that game, as he showed his ability to bring the puck to the net. During the third period, he had a nice offensive breakthrough as he brought the puck from the neutral zone to the opponent’s territory and nearly scored as he took a short shot near the goal line. He used well his decent size to finish his checks on the forecheck. Although, he delivered a huge open-ice hit in the second period on a Gaulois defenseman who fell solidly on the ice. He was always the last to backcheck in his own territory when his team was losing control of the puck.

GAG #4 RD Gollain, Frédéric (2019): From the blueline on the power play, Gollain took a heavy low shot on net that was tipped in the slot by Marc-Antoine Savaria who scored the opening goal for the Gaulois. The right-handed defenseman had a lot of ice-time in that game, as he also played on the penalty kill. He made a nice blocked shot with his pads as his team was playing with a man short in the second period. He was calm in possession of the puck. When he had the chance at the opposite blueline, he often brought the puck to the net to try to generate a goal or a rebound. He was not the quickest skater out there.

GAG #10 LW Bouchard, Tommy (2020): Bouchard had a good game this afternoon, as he was one of the best forwards for the Gaulois. He was creative in the offensive zone as he generated multiple scoring chances and was not afraid to put the puck on net from any area on the ice. During the first period, he made a brilliant backdoor pass to his defenseman for a decent scoring chance. In the second period, he showed his great hands as he had a nice offensive breakthrough from center ice, outsmarting couple of opponents on the way and getting a quality wrist shot on net. He played on the power play and the penalty kill and was quick on the backcheck.

GAG #12 C Charron, Édouard (2019): Charron, the team top scorers, added two assists to his personal record this afternoon as he played a good game. He played on the power play and showed the offensive zone is where he can be the most dangerous because of his offensive flair. He was good to control the puck on his stick and prepare plays to his teammates in the last third, using well his size to protect the puck from the opponents. He made some risky passes, one of them from behind the opposite net, which resulted in a turnover and a quick counterattack for the Typhon.

GAG #22 LD Martel, Nathan (2019): I really liked the way Martel played in that game, as he was in my opinion the best defenseman for the Gaulois, playing on the power play and on the penalty kill and showing good involvement in the play. He was very patient and calm in control of the puck, keeping his head high to then make appropriate first passes to his teammates. He also showed good hands and a nice touch to part with his opponents on high pressure situations. He delivered some decent hits during the game, whose one was a heavy open-ice bodycheck on William Rouleau. Martel was involved offensively in the opposite territory as he was not afraid to quit the blueline to help his forwards deep in the zone, showing decent mobility on the way and moving his feet well.

GAG #55 LW Talbot, Jérémy (2019): Talbot played another honest game this afternoon, using well his strengths to contribute to his team successes. He was particularly effective to protect the puck with his body along the boards in the offensive territory to keep progressing the attack. He also delivered some decent hits on his opponents throughout the game and went hard to the net for the rebounds. He used his sweet hands on a couple of occasions to outsmart his opponents in tight space. Talbot was used on the penalty kill and did a decent job.