Cantonniers Magog at Riverains Collège Charles-Lemoyne, Feb 10, 2017

MAG #25 RD Jacques, Jeremy (2019): Solid game for Jacques who covered a lot of spaces on the ice with his excellent skating ability and long reach. He didn’t give much room for opposing forwards to manoeuver and was quick to challenge them in one on one confrontation. He rushed the puck couple of times,[…]

Valley Wildcats at Halifax McDonalds (NSMMHL)

Valley Wildcats at Halifax McDonalds (NSMMHL) – Sat February 25, 2017 HAL #6 LD Keeping, Liam (2019) – A pretty steady game for Keeping, he was really tough to knock off the puck and showed really strong protecting it. Typical defensive game for him. HAL #20 RD Barron, Justin (2020) – Showed great maturity with[…]

Collège Esther-Blondin Phénix at Laval-Montréal Rousseau-Royal, Feb 19, 2017

LM #16 ATT, Jean, Xavier (2019) : L’attaquant a connu une bonne soirée de travail, alors qu’il s’est impliqué autant en défensive qu’à l’offensive. Il a complété plusieurs belles passes grâce à sa vision du jeu et à son intelligence. Son intelligence lui a d’ailleurs permis d’obtenir une excellente chance de marquer dans l’enclave en[…]

Gaulois du Collège Antoine Girouard vs Estacades de Trois-Rivières, Game #1 of the quarter final series, Friday February 24th.

GAG #7 LD Rhéaume, Alec (2019): Rhéaume had more ice time than expected, as he filled in for the injured Sean Larochelle on the first pairing. He was efficient in his own zone transferring play to his partner behind the net under pressure, getting the puck out of scrums along the boards and distributing hits.[…]

Intrépides de Gatineau vs Riverains Collège Charles-Lemoyne, Feb 17, 2017

GAT #81 LW Simoneau, Xavier (2019): Simoneau was the most dangerous player in possession of the puck for his team tonight. He made things happened often with the puck on his stick, he showed good speed down the wing and good vision creating a lot of plays for his two linemates. He played on both[…]

Commandeurs de Lévis vs Lions du Lac St-Louis, Midget AAA, 16 février 2017

Commandeurs de Lévis LÉV #5 DG Bernard, Jacob (2019) : Bernard a connu un bon match défensivement comme il en est capable. Il a été efficace sur le long des rampes avec un bon jeu de bâton et se servait bien de sa force physique pour empêcher le joueur adverse de compléter son jeu. En[…]

2017 QMJHL Draft: Top 25 Midget Espoir Rankings – February 14th, 2017


Our Top 25 prospect ranking from Midget Espoir after the 2nd Midget Espoir tournament in Gatineau at the beginning of the month of February.  The write-ups on the players are in both English and French and contains over 4000 words. Voici notre classement des 25 meilleurs joueurs du Midget Espoir après le 2e tournoi de[…]

Riverains Collège Charles-Lemoyne at Grenadiers Châteauguay

CCL #1 G Da Silva, Tommy (2019): Not very tested today by the Grenadiers outside of the first 10 minutes of the game and the last 5 minutes he didn’t get much quality shots. He covers his net well with his size, challenged shooters well to minimize room for them to shoot. Overall he did[…]

Phénix Collège Esther-Blondin vs Vikings St-Eustache, Feb 12, 2017

CEB #22 RW Kalmikov, Brooklyn (2019): Good work by the young forward who created 2-3 turnovers with his good anticipation, didn’t resulted in goals for his team but it showed improved positional game since the beginning of the season. He flashes some good puck skills handling the puck in the neutral zone and making solid[…]

Platinum Audio: QMJHL Draft edition February 8th, 2017

In this edition of our Platinum Audio, our QMJHL Draft Head Scout Jérôme Bérubé gives his thoughts about our latest draft rankings for the 2017 QMJHL DRAFT. He also talks about several prospects including Alexis Lafrenière, Samuel Poulin, Alex Newhook, Jaxon Bellamy, Jakob Pelletier, Xavier Parent, Jeremy Jacques, Maxence Guenette and Michael Pellerin.

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2017 Halifax Ice Jam – Midget

This is a comprehensive review of the 2017 Halifax Ice Jam Tournament Midget Division with players observed at the tournament. Observations at the tournament may be compared to in-season play where appropriate and are cumulative. This Midget report has observations on over 60 QMJHL draft eligible players with over 5500 words. CHA #8 LW MacEachern,[…]

LHPS U18 Showcase, St-Cyrille de Wendover, January 27-28-29 2017

U18 2001’s CSA #11 F Campbell, Alexander (2019): Campbell was by far the best forward we’ve seen this weekend. The left winger is very good skater, very fast with a good explosion. He is also very shifty, can turn on a dime. His hockey sense and vision is off the chart at this level. His[…]