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Valley Wildcats at Halifax McDonalds – Saturday, Dec 2, 2017

HAL #16 LC Watt, Ian (2019) – Today he was really good in the faceoff circle winning the majority and at the very least tying up his […]

Cape Breton Tradesmen at South Shore Mustangs – Sunday, Dec 3, 2017

CBT #1 LG Leudy, Joshua (2020) – Leudy did not see a whole lot of action today so the only thing to judge is how ready he […]

2017 Monctonian Challenge – Nov 16-19, 2017

Here is a Comprehensive write-up for draft-eligible players that attended the 2017 Monctonian Challenge. Comparisons to in-season play were made when appropriate. This report is over 9000 […]

Valley Wildcats at South Shore Mustangs – Sunday, November 5th, 2017

VAL #12 LC Burns, Brady (2020) – For me, this has to be his best game thus far this season. His 3 primary assists today were born […]

Truro Bearcats at Tasa-Chebucto Gulls (NSMBHL) – Sunday Nov 12, 2017

GUL #8 LC MacDonald, Cameron (2021) – This was his most complete game that I have seen to date. This was a tougher opponent and he played […]

Gatineau Intrépides vs Laval-Montréal Rousseau-Royal, Nov 12, 2017

GAT #1 G Groleau, Alexandre (2020): Solid game for the young netminder today, who was calm in his crease and had good control of his rebounds. He […]

Moncton Flyers at Saint John Vitos (NBPEIMMHL) – Friday, Oct 27, 2017

MON #15 LD Cormier, Lukas (2020) – Defender immediately pops with his impressive skating acumen. He was involved in all areas of the ice and drove the […]

Cape Breton West Islanders vs. Halifax Macs October 28th 2017

CBW #5 RD MacLellan, Ben (2020) – Ben MacLellan played a really steady game this afternoon, he reads as a stay at home type, great, explosive skater […]

Halifax Macs at South Shore Mustangs Oct. 21, 2017

HAL #14 RC Drover, Alex (2020) – a 4 goal night with another pair of shots going off the iron, Drover was on another level tonight. Dominant, […]

Cape Breton West Islanders vs. Cole Harbour Wolfpack October 15th 2017

CBW #7 LD Welton, Dell (2021) – Welton saw a good deal of ice this morning and had a very solid game. He’s an outstanding skater with […]

M U Rhinos at Chirocare Kings (NSMAAAHL) – Saturday, October 7, 2017

CCK #16 LW Revels, Matthew (2019) – Nice skater with wide stance and good edge strength. He had the ability to separate himself with the puck and […]

St-Eustache Vikings at Laval-Montreal Rousseau Royal, Oct 1, 2017

STE #23 LW Fortin, Xavier (2020): Fortin was really good today for the Vikings; he showed excellent speed and an ability to avoid hits while in possession […]