Team Russia vs Team WHL Game 2, Canada-Russia Series, November 8th, 2016

Team WHL

WHL #20 LC Shaw, Mason (2017)- Shaw had a couple of turnovers defensively in the first period on long shifts. He did not look as comfortable playing along the half wall and coughed up the puck on simple chip and out plays. He settled down as the game wore on and created chances on most shifts. He was not afraid to be creative and showed off a great combination of skill and quickness. He did not receive much power play time in the game.

WHL #25 RD Foote, Callan (2017)- Foote played a sound game. He was forced to retrieve pucks and showed the ability to keep up with forwards when he turns his feet. His combination of long reach and decent mobility allow him to make mistakes defensively and still recover. He is composed with the puck despite having a long stick and average puckhandling skills. He seemed to always make the right play and even pushed the pace, making one beautiful cross-ice stretch pass late in the game for a partial break.

Team Russia

RUS #11 RW Kostin, Klim (2017)- Kostin showed off tremendous physical skills when skating with the puck. His edges allow him to sustain speed while not taking strides and he floats around players with ease. It was very difficult for defenders to strip pucks off of him because of his ability to keep speed, his long reach and skill with the puck. While in open ice, he looked great. But in the corners when under pressure, he turned over a handful of pucks, not taking a look and made some bad blind passes.

RUS #31 RD Minulin, Artyom (2017)- Minulin received some powerplay time and showed off the ability to make tough passes with space. He did not receive much even strength ice-time. He is an awkward skater as he stands upright with not much knee bend. Although he is unconventional, he did not get beat wide and he was able to retrieve pucks effectively.

RUS #34 LW Popugaev, Nikita (2017)- He showed energy throughout the game and seemed to always be around the puck in the offensive end. He created some chances but was not overly active offensively. Along the wall in his own end he delivered some good passes through traffic. Seen him much better in previous viewings.

Final Score: Team WHL 4 – Russia 1