World U17: Team Finland vs Team Sweden

Matthew Murnaghan, Hockey Canada Images 

December 30 2012, Team Sweden vs. Team Finland (2013 World Under-17)

We had yet another game where Team Sweden outmatched their opponent, they were a much better and more complete hockey club. They took the game 7-3 over Team Finland with two empty-net goals at the end.SWE #7 D Ollas, Mattsson, Adam (2014) – Adam was very reliable with the puck. He shows poise and confidence when moving the puck up ice or in the offensive zone. He was very reliable and didn’t make many mistakes. Mattsson is physical along the boards and works hard. His skating appears to be the only major concern in his game at this point in time.SWE #9 F Franzen, Gustaf (2015) – Franzen played an underrated yet very effective role for his team. He made some smart defensive plays on the penalty kill and created his share of turnovers in the neutral zone. He was able to take the puck away from the other team and get his team on the transition. He plays a simple game with the puck and is a decent skater. He was able to go down the wing and exploit the outside lane on the defenseman a couple times. His biggest asset is his smarts: he reads the play well and knows where to go to be effective, with or without the puck.
[sociallocker] SWE #17 F Kempe, Adrian (2014) – Kempe showed a lot of tenacity early on throwing himself in front of shots on the penalty kill. He took one shot off the knee and was in very obvious pain but he stuck with the play battling through and eventually helped clear the zone before coming off the ice. Kempe has decent size and moves well when carrying the puck. Adrian wrapped up his performance with a hat trick. The first goal coming off a pick off in the slot, the following two came with empty net goals while defending Sweden’s lead late.

SWE #18 F Karlsson, Anton (2014) – Karlsson had some good flashes in this game, he was noticeable with his puck possession skills. He was able to carry the puck for an extended period of time and slow the game down. He has to ability to circle and protect the puck in the offensive zone while letting the play develop. His hands are solid but he needed to show better vision as he turned the puck over once without even looking who he was passing to. He also to shoot on a 2-on-1 when his teammate had the net wide open.

SWE #19 F Karlsson, Jacob (2015) – Karlsson played the same complete game as in the previous viewings we had on him, plus added the offensive impact. He was excellent with the puck in the offensive zone and he had a good finishing touch on the power play. He made a very nice pass on a 2-on-1 for a goal and distributed the puck properly throughout the game with good vision. He has very good hand-eye coordination and can receive passes from everywhere without a problem.

SWE #20 F Nylander, William (2014) – Nylander simplified his game in this one and
used his skills in a much smarter way. He was very creative with the puck once again and took over the offensive zone numerous times. He got to show his excellent vision with great passes, noticeably on the power play. We also had a better look at his shot with a strong release on his wrist shot and a very good low slap shot. Nylander was also effective at the point on the power play. He was moving a lot and it opened a lot of holes in Finland’s defense. If he is able to play a smart and straight forward game like this with consistency, his high end tools and talent will boost his stock.

SWE #22 F Timashov, Dmytro (2014) – Timashov had his first weak game of the tournament. He didn’t do anything horible, but he wasn’t able to generate a lot of speed like he did in the previous games. He also showed a lacked of control with the puck, creating a few turnovers and getting knocked off the puck.

FIN #4 D Tuulola, Joni (2014) – Tuulola looked to be Finland’s best defensemen despite his team’s struggles. He showed very good mobility getting the puck out of his zone and was poised when handling the puck in the offensive zone. He showed some signs of physical play defensively, but he relied mostly on his mobility to be effective.

FIN #20 F Lamsa, Teemu (2014) – Lamsa had some very interesting flashes in this game. He has a big body and showed good speed coming into the offensive zone. He doesn’t have the greatest explosion, but does ok once he hits full speed. He did well when he had open ice coming into the neutral zone but struggled more when pressured.

FIN #22 F Honkanen, Manu (2014) – Honkanen showed a good two-way game and excelled with the puck. He has the ability to protect it and made some very good decisions with it to set up plays. His speed served him well carrying the puck and we liked his involvement in battles along the boards.

FIN #24 F Kapanen, Kasperi (2014) – Kapanen didn’t leave a big impression, but played an honest game showing some good tools. He is not overly dynamic with the puck but exploited the wing well with his speed and a straightforward approach. He reads the play well but doesn’t explode or react fast enough all the time. His effort was inconstant as he was invisible for an extended period of time and very good in others.

FIN #26 F Rantanen, Mikko (2015) – Rantanen scored early in the first thanks to his good positioning in the slot area. He then returned the favor to his linemate late in the first period retrieving the puck in the corner and quickly setting up Teemu Lamsa out front. Rantanen showed smart puck control and awareness in the offensive zone. He moved the puck very well on the rush. At one point his two on one pass was blocked and he had the presence of mind to pick up the puck then fire a powerful shot at the net to score early on in the third period. [/sociallocker]