Yaroslav Askarov: Our Black Book Profile from back in June

Yaroslav Askarov

Here’s a look at Yaroslav Askarov’s profile from our 2019 NHL Draft Black Book. We had Yaroslav ranked 10th overall back on our initial 2020 NHL Draft ranking that we released back in June. Our September NHL Draft rankings are coming soon. Where will Yaroslav Askarov rank on that next list? Stay tuned.

G – SKA-1946 St. Petersburg (MHL) – 6’03’’ 163

Yaroslav Askarov had an incredible year internationally and played very well for St. Petersburg. He finished the season with a .921 save percentage and a 2.37GAA in 31 games played. In the playoffs, he produced a .898 save percentage. Internationally he was featured at the Hlinka, the U19-World-Junior-A-Challenge, the U18 Five-Nations, the World U17’s and the World U18’s. His best performances were at the U18-Five Nations where he helped Russia win the tournament, the World-Junior-A challenge where he posted .954 save-percentage and a 1.26 GAA in 4 games, and the U17’s where he helped Russia capture a silver-medal while posting a .948 save percentage and a 1.40 GAA in 5 games.

Yaroslav Askarov is one of the best goalie prospects of the last decade and has the same level of potential as Andrei Vasilevsky. He’s remarkably talented, yet shows the modern-day characteristics that we look for when evaluating goalies. His skating ability is excellent; he has a narrow-stance which gives him the ability to push off laterally at an explosive-rate. Additionally, his movement allows him to rarely over-extend and he’s capable of rapid-adjustments needed for error- correcting after misinterpreting the initial play-type. His fluidity blends into his anticipation, allowing him to take-away angles consistently. His reflexes are excellent but a bit behind a goalie like Saros at the same-age, but he does have the advantage in height. His compete-level is matched by his poise; he plays with ice in his veins and doesn’t seem to get affected by the moment, usually elevating in critical situations instead of buckling. We haven’t been more excited about a goalie-prospect in years.