2017 OHL Draft Guide Update

April 3rd, 10:40am

Our OHL Draft Guides are now available in our online store.

April 2nd, 10:22am

We have been continuing to work on both OHL Draft Guides since 7am this morning. We need to attend some OHL playoff games this afternoon, but will continue our work on the guides later tonight in our effort to complete them asap.

April 1st, 2:48pm

Team Edition is over 211,000 words. Both OHL Draft Guides are now ready for us to insert the rankings and their own covers and then all that remains is editing.

April 1st, 10:15am

Currently working on both OHL Draft Guides. We are finishing up some writing and then we will begin doing some editing.

March 31st, 9:30am

We are still working away at completing our 2017 OHL Draft Guides. The team edition contains over 450 player profiles. This is a large book to complete in a very small window of time but we are getting closer to completion. We are currently adding the game reports, a few more player profiles and the rankings.

We will continue to update this page with our progress.