2017 World Under 18 Championship

The 2017 World Under 18 Championship gets underway in Slovakia on Thursday April 13. This is the final chance to see the many of the top prospects eligible for the 2017 NHL Draft.

The tournament gets underway with Latvia playing Canada and Belarus playing USA. Later on in the day, the host Slovakia team takes on Finland and Sweden will face Russia.

Group A

FIN – Finland
CAN – Canada
SVK – Slovakia
SUI – Switzerland
LAT – Latvia

Group B

SWE – Sweden
RUS – Russia
CZE – Czech Republic
BLR – Belarus

With more teams being eliminated in league playoffs every week, we are now beginning work on our 2017 NHL Draft Black Book. As in previous seasons, you can expect the book to be available for purchase shortly after we attend the NHL Combine.

The tournament final will take place on Sunday, April 23rd. The full schedule is below.

Full 2017 World U18 Schedule

A13 Apr, Thu15:30 GMT+2PRELAT vs CAN
B13 Apr, Thu15:30 GMT+2PREBLR vs USA
A13 Apr, Thu19:30 GMT+2PRESVK vs FIN
B13 Apr, Thu19:30 GMT+2PRERUS vs SWE
A14 Apr, Fri19:30 GMT+2PRESUI vs LAT
B14 Apr, Fri19:30 GMT+2PRECZE vs BLR
A15 Apr, Sat15:30 GMT+2PREFIN vs SUI
B15 Apr, Sat15:30 GMT+2PREUSA vs RUS
A15 Apr, Sat19:30 GMT+2PRECAN vs SVK
B15 Apr, Sat19:30 GMT+2PRESWE vs CZE
A16 Apr, Sun19:30 GMT+2PRELAT vs FIN
B16 Apr, Sun19:30 GMT+2PREBLR vs SWE
A17 Apr, Mon15:30 GMT+2PRECAN vs SUI
B17 Apr, Mon15:30 GMT+2PREUSA vs CZE
A17 Apr, Mon19:30 GMT+2PRESVK vs LAT
B17 Apr, Mon19:30 GMT+2PRERUS vs BLR
A18 Apr, Tue15:30 GMT+2PREFIN vs CAN
B18 Apr, Tue15:30 GMT+2PRESWE vs USA
A18 Apr, Tue19:30 GMT+2PRESUI vs SVK
B18 Apr, Tue19:30 GMT+2PRECZE vs RUS
20 Apr, Thu11:30 GMT+2RELvs
20 Apr, Thu13:30 GMT+2QFvs
20 Apr, Thu15:30 GMT+2QFvs
20 Apr, Thu17:30 GMT+2QFvs
20 Apr, Thu19:30 GMT+2QFvs
21 Apr, Fri17:30 GMT+2RELvs
22 Apr, Sat15:30 GMT+2SFvs
22 Apr, Sat19:30 GMT+2SFvs
23 Apr, Sun13:30 GMT+2RELvs
23 Apr, Sun15:30 GMT+2BMGvs
23 Apr, Sun19:30 GMT+2GMGvs