2018 AAA Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament

The Wendy Dufton Memorial Tournament is just a few days away. The tournament begins on October 4th and our OHL Draft scouts will be heading to London on Thursday to scout the event.

After the completion of the tournament, our scouts will begin to add player scouting reports.

Edited October 8th. Player reports will be added here.

DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, October 4, 2018
MM Grp C12:15 PMCollinsBrantford 99ersToronto Marlboros
MM Grp A22:45 PMTonysOakville RangersHuron Perth Lakers
MM Grp A33:30 PMChryslerGrey Bruce HighlandersMississauga Rebels
MM Grp E43:45 PMCollinsCentral Ontario WolvesKitchener Jr. Rangers
MM Grp G54:00 PMHanstonePeterborough PetesMississauga Reps
MM Grp E64:15 PMTonysNiagara North StarsLambton Jr. Sting
MM Grp D75:00 PMChryslerDon Mills FlyersHamilton Jr. Bulldogs
MM Grp F85:15 PMCollinsMississauga SenatorsBuffalo Regals
MM Grp F105:30 PMBud GdnsElgin Middlesex ChiefsAjax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp E95:30 PMHanstoneLittle CeasarsMarkham Majors
MM Grp B115:45 PMTonysBarrie ColtsToronto Red Wings
MM Grp G126:30 PMChryslerLondon Jr. KnightsBurlington Eagles
MM Grp A136:45 PMCollinsYork Simcoe ExpressAmherst Youth Hockey
MM Grp B147:00 PMBud GdnsChatham Kent CyclonesVaughan Kings
MM Grp B157:00 PMHanstoneRichmond Hill CoyotesIndy Jr. Fuel
MM Grp G167:15 PMTonysWhitby WildcatsOakland Grizzlies
MM Grp C178:00 PMChryslerSudbury WolvesMarkham Waxers
MM Grp D188:15 PMCollinsChicago MissionWaterloo Wolves
MM Grp C198:30 PMBud GdnsSouthern Tier AdmiralsToronto Titans
MM Grp D208:30 PMHanstoneGreater Kingston FrontenacsCambridge Hawks
MM Grp F218:45 PMTonysSault Ste Marie ThunderbirdsHalton Hurricanes
Friday, October 5, 2018
Ban Grp A228:00 AMNichols AOshawa Jr. GeneralsLondon Jr. Knights
Ban Grp A238:00 AMArgyle AHalton HurricanesMarkham Majors
Ban Grp A248:00 AMKinsmen AIndy Jr. FuelRichmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp A258:00 AMChryslerYork Simcoe ExpressOakville Rangers
Ban Grp B268:15 AMNichols COttawa Jr 67’sGrey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp A278:15 AMCollinsAmherst Youth HockeyMississauga Rebels
Ban Grp B288:30 AMHanstoneChicago FuryMarkham Waxers
MM Grp B298:30 AMNichols BIndy Jr. FuelBarrie Colts
Ban Grp B308:30 AMArgyle BHuron Perth LakersMississauga Rebels
Ban Grp C318:30 AMKinsmen BDon Mills FlyersYork Simcoe Express
MM Grp A328:45 AMTonysHuron Perth LakersGrey Bruce Highlanders
Ban Grp C339:30 AMNichols ABrantford 99ersBarrie Colts
Ban Grp C349:30 AMArgyle ANickel City SonsLambton Jr. Sting
MB Grp A359:30 AMKinsmen AAjax Pickering RaidersOakville Rangers
MM Grp B369:30 AMChryslerVaughan KingsRichmond Hill Coyotes
MB Grp A379:45 AMNichols CChicago FuryElgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM Grp B389:45 AMCollinsToronto Red WingsChatham Kent Cyclones
MB Grp B3910:00 AMHanstoneLondon Jr. KnightsSault Ste Marie Greyhounds
MB Grp B4010:00 AMNichols BBurlington EaglesRochester Monarchs
MB Grp A4110:00 AMArgyle BYork Simcoe ExpressBrantford 99ers
MM Grp C4210:00 AMKinsmen BMarkham WaxersBrantford 99ers
MM Grp C4310:15 AMTonysToronto TitansSudbury Wolves
MB Grp C4411:00 AMNichols AChatham Kent CyclonesOttawa Jr. 67’s
MB Grp C4511:00 AMArgyle ACambridge HawksGuelph Jr. Gryphons
MM Grp D4611:00 AMKinsmen ACambridge HawksDon Mills Flyers
MM Grp C4711:00 AMChryslerToronto MarlborosSouthern Tier Admirals
MM Grp D4811:15 AMNichols CHamilton Jr. BulldogsChicago Mission
MM Grp E4911:15 AMCollinsKitchener Jr. RangersNiagara North Stars
MM Grp D5011:30 AMHanstoneWaterloo WolvesGreater Kingston Frontenacs
MM Grp E5111:30 AMArgyle BMarkham MajorsCentral Ontario Wolves
MM Grp E5211:30 AMNichols BLambton Jr. StingLittle Ceasars
MM Grp F5311:30 AMKinsmen BHalton HurricanesMississauga Senators
MM Grp F5411:45 AMTonysAjax Pickering RaidersSault Ste Marie Thunderbirds
MM Grp F5512:00 PMStronach ABuffalo RegalsElgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM Grp G5612:30 PMNichols AMississauga RepsWhitby Wildcats
Ban Grp A5712:30 PMArgyle ARichmond Hill CoyotesHalton Hurricanes
MM Grp G5812:30 PMKinsmen ABurlington EaglesPeterborough Petes
MM Grp G5912:30 PMChryslerOakland GrizzliesLondon Jr. Knights
Ban Grp A6012:30 PMStronach BMarkham MajorsOshawa Jr. Generals
Ban Grp B6112:45 PMNichols CGrey Bruce HighlandersChicago Fury
MM Grp A6212:45 PMCollinsOakville RangersAmherst Youth Hockey
Ban Grp A631:00 PMHanstoneLondon Jr. KnightsIndy Jr. Fuel
Ban Grp B641:00 PMNichols BMarkham WaxersHuron Perth Lakers
Ban Grp B651:00 PMArgyle BMississauga RebelsOttawa Jr 67’s
MM Grp A661:00 PMKinsmen BGrey Bruce HighlandersYork Simcoe Express
Ban Grp C671:15 PMTonysYork Simcoe ExpressBrantford 99ers
MM Grp A681:30 PMStronach AMississauga RebelsHuron Perth Lakers
MB Grp A692:00 PMNichols AOakville RangersYork Simcoe Express
Ban Grp C702:00 PMArgyle ABarrie ColtsNickel City Sons
Ban Grp C712:00 PMKinsmen ALambton Jr. StingDon Mills Flyers
MM Grp B722:00 PMChryslerBarrie ColtsChatham Kent Cyclones
MB Grp A732:00 PMStronach BElgin Middlesex ChiefsAjax Pickering Raiders
MB Grp A742:15 PMNichols CBrantford 99ersChicago Fury
MM Grp B752:15 PMCollinsIndy Jr. FuelVaughan Kings
MB Grp B762:30 PMHanstoneRochester MonarchsLondon Jr. Knights
MB Grp B772:30 PMNichols BSault Ste Marie GreyhoundsBurlington Eagles
MM Grp B782:45 PMTonysRichmond Hill CoyotesToronto Red Wings
MB Grp C793:30 PMStronach BGuelph Jr. GryphonsChatham Kent Cyclones
MB Grp C803:30 PMChryslerOttawa Jr. 67’sCambridge Hawks
MM Grp C813:45 PMCollinsMarkham WaxersToronto Titans
MM Grp C824:00 PMHanstoneSudbury WolvesToronto Marlboros
MM Grp C834:15 PMTonysBrantford 99ersSouthern Tier Admirals
MM Grp D845:00 PMChryslerCambridge HawksChicago Mission
MM Grp D855:15 PMCollinsWaterloo WolvesHamilton Jr. Bulldogs
MM Grp D865:30 PMHanstoneGreater Kingston FrontenacsDon Mills Flyers
MM Grp E875:45 PMTonysKitchener Jr. RangersMarkham Majors
MM Grp E886:30 PMChryslerNiagara North StarsLittle Ceasars
MM Grp E896:45 PMCollinsLambton Jr. StingCentral Ontario Wolves
MM Grp F907:00 PMHanstoneElgin Middlesex ChiefsHalton Hurricanes
MM Grp F917:15 PMTonysSault Ste Marie ThunderbirdsMississauga Senators
MM Grp G928:00 PMChryslerPeterborough PetesLondon Jr. Knights
MM Grp G938:15 PMCollinsWhitby WildcatsBurlington Eagles
MM Grp F948:30 PMHanstoneAjax Pickering RaidersBuffalo Regals
MM Grp G958:45 PMTonysMississauga RepsOakland Grizzlies
Saturday, October 6, 2018
MM Grp F967:45 AMBud GdnsBuffalo RegalsSault Ste Marie Thunderbirds
MM Grp F978:00 AMChryslerMississauga SenatorsElgin Middlesex Chiefs
MM Grp F988:15 AMCollinsHalton HurricanesAjax Pickering Raiders
MM Grp D998:30 AMHanstoneChicago MissionGreater Kingston Frontenacs
MM Grp G1008:45 AMTonysBurlington EaglesMississauga Reps
MM Grp G1019:15 AMBud GdnsOakland GrizzliesPeterborough Petes
MM Grp G1029:30 AMChryslerLondon Jr. KnightsWhitby Wildcats
MM Grp D1039:45 AMCollinsHamilton Jr. BulldogsCambridge Hawks
MM Grp D10410:00 AMHanstoneDon Mills FlyersWaterloo Wolves
MM Grp E10510:15 AMTonysCentral Ontario WolvesNiagara North Stars
MM Grp E10611:00 AMChryslerMarkham MajorsLambton Jr. Sting
MM Grp E10711:15 AMCollinsLittle CeasarsKitchener Jr. Rangers
MM Grp A10811:30 AMHanstoneAmherst Youth HockeyGrey Bruce Highlanders
MM Grp A10911:45 AMTonysHuron Perth LakersYork Simcoe Express
MM Grp B11012:15 PMNichols CChatham Kent CyclonesRichmond Hill Coyotes
MM Grp B11112:30 PMChryslerToronto Red WingsIndy Jr. Fuel
MM Grp A11212:45 PMCollinsMississauga RebelsOakville Rangers
MM Grp B1131:00 PMHanstoneVaughan KingsBarrie Colts
MM Grp C1141:00 PMBud GdnsToronto MarlborosMarkham Waxers
MM Grp C1151:00 PMNichols ASouthern Tier AdmiralsSudbury Wolves
MM Grp C1161:15 PMTonysToronto TitansBrantford 99ers
MB Grp B (XOVER)1171:45 PMNichols CChatham Kent CyclonesBurlington Eagles
MB Grp B (XOVER)1182:00 PMChryslerOttawa Jr. 67’sRochester Monarchs
MB Grp C (XOVER)1192:15 PMCollinsSault Ste Marie GreyhoundsCambridge Hawks
MB Grp C (XOVER)1202:30 PMBud GdnsLondon Jr. KnightsGuelph Jr. Gryphons
MB Grp A1212:30 PMHanstoneBrantford 99ersOakville Rangers
MB Grp A1222:30 PMNichols AElgin Middlesex ChiefsYork Simcoe Express
MB Grp A1232:30 PMBostwick AChicago FuryAjax Pickering Raiders
Ban Grp C1242:45 PMTonysDon Mills FlyersBarrie Colts
Ban Grp C1253:15 PMNichols CNickel City SonsBrantford 99ers
Ban Grp C1263:30 PMChryslerLambton Jr. StingYork Simcoe Express
Ban Grp B1273:45 PMCollinsHuron Perth LakersChicago Fury
Ban Grp B1284:00 PMHanstoneMarkham WaxersOttawa Jr 67’s
Ban Grp B1294:00 PMBostwick AMississauga RebelsGrey Bruce Highlanders
Ban Grp A1304:00 PMNichols AOshawa Jr. GeneralsIndy Jr. Fuel
Ban Grp A1314:15 PMBud GdnsMarkham MajorsRichmond Hill Coyotes
Ban Grp A1324:15 PMTonysLondon Jr. KnightsHalton Hurricanes
MM Champ1335:30 PMChryslerTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1345:30 PMBostwick ATop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1355:45 PMCollinsTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1366:00 PMHanstoneTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1376:15 PMTonysTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1386:15 PMBud GdnsTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1397:00 PMChryslerTop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MM Champ1407:00 PMBostwick ATop 16 SeedsTop 16 Seeds
MB Grp B1417:15 PMCollinsRochester MonarchsSault Ste Marie Greyhounds
MB Grp B1427:30 PMHanstoneBurlington EaglesLondon Jr. Knights
MB Grp C1437:30 PMNichols ACambridge HawksChatham Kent Cyclones
MB Grp C1447:30 PMBostwick BGuelph Jr. GryphonsOttawa Jr. 67’s
MB Grp A1457:45 PMBud GdnsAjax Pickering RaidersBrantford 99ers
MB Grp A1467:45 PMTonysOakville RangersElgin Middlesex Chiefs
MB Grp A1477:45 PMNichols CYork Simcoe ExpressChicago Fury
Ban Grp C1488:30 PMChryslerBarrie ColtsLambton Jr. Sting
Ban Grp C1498:30 PMBostwick AYork Simcoe ExpressNickel City Sons
Ban Grp C1508:45 PMCollinsBrantford 99ersDon Mills Flyers
Ban Grp B1519:00 PMHanstoneChicago FuryMississauga Rebels
Ban Grp B1529:00 PMNichols AOttawa Jr 67’sHuron Perth Lakers
Ban Grp B1539:00 PMBostwick BGrey Bruce HighlandersMarkham Waxers
Ban Grp A1549:15 PMBud GdnsRichmond Hill CoyotesLondon Jr. Knights
Ban Grp A1559:15 PMTonysIndy Jr. FuelMarkham Majors
Ban Grp A1569:15 PMNichols CHalton HurricanesOshawa Jr. Generals
Sunday, October 7, 2018
MB Champ1578:00 AMCollinsTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
MB Champ1588:00 AMChryslerTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
MB Champ1598:15 AMHanstoneTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
MB Champ1608:15 AMTonysTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
Ban Champ1619:30 AMCollinsTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
Ban Champ1629:30 AMChryslerTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
Ban Champ1639:45 AMHanstoneTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
Ban Champ1649:45 AMTonysTop 8 SeedsTop 8 Seeds
MM Champ16511:15 AMCollinsElimination WinnersElimination Winners
MM Champ16611:15 AMChryslerElimination WinnersElimination Winners
MM Champ16711:30 AMHanstoneElimination WinnersElimination Winners
MM Champ16811:30 AMTonysElimination WinnersElimination Winners
MB Champ16912:45 PMCollins1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
MB Champ17012:45 PMChrysler1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
Ban Champ1711:00 PMHanstone1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
Ban Champ1721:00 PMTonys1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
MM Champ1732:30 PMChrysler1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
MM Champ1742:30 PMHanstone1/4 Final Winners1/4 Final Winners
MB Champ1754:00 PMChryslerSemi WinnersSemi Winners
Ban Champ1765:45 PMChryslerSemi WinnersSemi Winners
MM Champ1777:15 PMChryslerSemi WinnersSemi Winners