2020 NHL Draft Prospect: Brendan Brisson from the Chicago Steel

2020 NHL Draft Prospect

One of the questions submitted to us for our free podcast this week asked us if there were any players rising up our rankings. Our answer was Brendan Brisson, from the Chicago Steel.  With our updated NHL Ranking list still about 2 weeks away from being released, we decided to post some quick thoughts on Brendan. Below is a recent game report submitted by one of our scouts and we also added the audio link to our latest podcast, as Mark Edwards spoke about Brisson as a riser and inching his way into his top 31 list prior to HP’s upcoming ranking meetings.

Our profile for Brisson is here. We’ll continue to add more game reports throughout the season. NHL Central Scouting listed Brisson as a “C” prospect on their recently released watch list. At this posting, Brendan has 5 goals and 5 assists in 10 games. He is committed to the University of Michigan. HockeyProspect.com currently has Brisson graded as a “B” rated prospect. “B” rated means a 2nd or 3rd round grade. Keep in mind however, that not all spots in a top 31 list are always held exclusively by players with “A” rated “1st round” grades.

Notes from HP Scout, Michael Farkas, recent game report:

“The most impactful forward in the game for either side, it’s a mystery that he didn’t have any points on the night as he was everywhere. Smart player and a very good skater. Agile and armed with a tight turning radius. Really good stickhandler, but patient and poised. He doesn’t have to take on defenders 1 on 1, but he can. Creative, slick playmaker in tight spots. Showed off some good hockey strength and balance, fending off a couple would-be defenders both in rush situations and along the boards. Lots to like about the kid’s technical ability.”

Brisson was mentioned in the most recent HP Podcast