2021 NHL Draft Black Book is Available for Pre-Purchase

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Our 2021 NHL Draft Black Book is now available for pre-purchase in our online store.

You may have heard a few reports recently from some media speculating that the 2021 NHL Draft date could be changed from it’s currently scheduled date in late July of 2021, to as far back as June 2022 and the NHL would hold two drafts at that time.

If that were to happen we want our customers to know that we have you covered. We are still business as usual and are going about our business planning on the draft taking place this July and we are working away on our 2021 NHL Draft Black Book so that we can release it in late June or early July of this year. 

If the draft date was pushed back, we will continue to update our 2021 NHL Draft Black Book right up until the new draft date. So if you purchase the 2021 book, you will still have an up to date book regardless of when the draft takes place. 

The 2021 NHL Draft Black Book will contain a document explaining how to update the book to the most recent edition. We’ll be uploading some sneak preview editions in the weeks ahead leading up to the initial release of our 2021 NHL Draft Black Book.

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