Cambridge Hawks at Lambton Jr. Sting October 6, 2012


October 6, 2012, Cambridge Hawks @ Lambton Jr. Sting (MM)

CAM #4 D Wood, Parker – Parker doesn’t really have one standout skill, but seems to do everything effectively. He does a good job getting the red line and getting the puck deep. He has shown the ability to carry and elude opposing players but seems to take the safe/smart route. He is pretty reliable defensively on a consistent basis and also wears the “C” for the Hawks.


CAM #5 D Martin, Tyler – Martin did a great job battling along the boards, and using his board play to killing off a lot of time while penalty killing.

CAM #8 D Montgomery, Mitch – Mitch showed good two way play today. He battles hard and wins in corners and also sticks with his man well defensively. On the other hand he had several good puck rushes but doesn’t force it and will make the smart play if he feels he cannot complete the rush. He moved the puck fairly well throughout the game.

CAM #9 F Grant, Rob – Grant is very aggressive along the boards and showed solid physical play. He scored a nice goal to make it 4-2 Lambton with 3 minutes left. He was on the doorstep and reacted quickly to the play that developed in front of him.

CAM #13 F Wilkinson, Jake – Jake makes smart quick decisions with the puck and is usually effective advancing the play when the puck is on his stick. He did a great job off the faceooff and was able to score with his second effort while flat on the ice to make the game 1-1 at the time of the goal.

CAM #14 F Jankowski, David – Jankowski has been one of the key offensive contributors for Cambridge thus far, but it wasn’t his best performance as he made a few very questionable decisions with the puck.

CAM #16 F Sine, Austin – Sine showed off some good physicality in his game. He has a very powerful release on his shot but his decision making today was hit or miss. He got frustrated late in the game down 4-1 and took a misconduct that hurt his team in the final 5 minutes of the game.

LAM #12 F Hewton, Austin – Hewton showed good compete level and a willingness to hit. He’s not too big but doesn’t back down physically. Showed off a strong shot to score making the game 3-1 but was more noticeable offensively with his solid passing skills.

LAM #20 F Trottier, Brenden – Trottier may have the most hockey sense of any player on the team although he hasn’t put up a lot of points at this point of the season, but it’s early. He scored a nice goal showing his quick hands making a great play around the goaltender and across to give his team a 4-1 lead. Trottier is a solid passer and moved the puck well all game long. Showed off his competitiveness late with a 4-2 lead winning a battle and scored the empty net goal to seal the deal.

LAM #91 F Corrigan, Brett – Corrigan has shown us he is a consistent competitor as we’ve had lots to say about him every game. He has excellent skating ability he is shifty and scored an absolutely beautiful goal in this game. He’s competing more consistently in the physical department. He moves the puck well and is passing more frequently. Brett really wanted that empty net goal with his team up 4-2 late. His focus on scoring that goal resulted in a few turnovers. He eventually got his chance and put the puck off the point point blank. Corrigan reminds us a lot of Corey Pawley and how he played for the Lambton Jr. Sting two years ago. While he doesn’t have as high end of skill set, he may be better suited for the OHL as he’s 3 or 4 inches taller than Pawley.

LAM #97 D Smith, Zach – Smith has a huge frame and pretty good hands, but his skating really needs improvement. He is calm with the puck and doesn’t force things. A perfect project for a team who wants to take a shot on this big defenseman.

LAM #49 G Collins, Riley – Riley deserves a lot of credit for stopping 35-37 shots tonight in helping Lambton get the win. He put on the best performance we’ve seen out of him this year. He has a pretty good glove. His rebound control was good for the most part deflecting pucks away but the odd one was sent right into the slot. Second chance reflexes weren’t great.


Scouts Notes: Cambridge came into Sarnia with one of the better records in Alliance so far. Lambton struggling only winning 1 game thus far. Safe to say the Hawks were the favorites. However the Sting came out flying and were able to take over after the teams exchanged goals with 3 straight giving them a 4-1 lead. Lambton ended up winning the game by a final score of 5-2.