Chicago Steel vs Muskegan Lumberjacks, October 20

    Oct 20, 2012

    Chicago Steel vs Muskegan Lumberjacks (USHL Regular Season)

    MSK#20 D, Brodzinski, Mike(2013) A defenseman who is very calm with the puck and brings that calming presence to the ice for his teammates to feed off of. He gets his shot through to the net for the most part and has some pretty good size and decent skating. He moves the puck pretty well and tries to keep the opposition from high-risk areas.

    [sociallocker] At times he was too aggressive on the puck carrier and this was most evident on a 2 on 1 when he tried to force the puck carrier who passed it over and generated a good opportunity. He needs to relax a little and take the pass away and wait for the play to come to him.

    MSK#28 RW, Garland, Conor (2014) A pass first type of player who can move the puck and passes well when he has lanes and options open, however at times tries to force the puck through when the option isn’t available and there is a simpler play available. He drives hard to the net and offers teammates options in the offensive zone.

    MSK#17 LW, Tiffels, Frederik (2013) A player with some great speed and likes to gain the zone on the outside. He protects the puck well but the most noticeable attribute about this player is his passing. He moves the puck so well and has great vision to see all of his options. He is creative and can read the play very well and will also stop off the wing to distribute the puck. He also likes to come down the wing and get a shot off and then follows up on his shot by going to the net. He has some nice moves, great hands and can move the puck up the ice well. He can make some nice breakout passes and is willing to be physical and get in the way of the opposition.

    CHI#25 LW, Dodero, Christopher (2014) Didn’t get too much ice time in this game but a player who needs to watch the neutral zone turnovers. He showed his hand too easily and what he was going to do and it was very easy for the opposition to read. He needs to be a bit more deceptive in his game and make some decisions quicker. He plays a pretty simple game.

    CHI#8 C, Widmar, Joseph (2013) Some nice speed and good instincts from this player. He drives to the outside very well and then makes a cross ice pass to an open winger so well. He also gains the zone with speed and then can take the defenseman with him to open up a man and generate an opportunity. He has some great vision, some nice passes and has some good hockey sense and offensive instincts. He is also willing to drive hard to the net.

    CHI#11 LW, Heil, Christian (1994 Prospect) Some great hands and good speed to his game. He had some excellent moves in this game and has some vision; sees the ice well. He has a quick release on his shot and gets the puck out of his zone well.

    FINAL SCORE: 4-0 Muskegan [/sociallocker]