Kingston Frontenacs vs Niagara IceDogs, October 20

    Oct 20, 2012

    Kingston Frontenacs vs Niagara IceDogs (OHL Regular Season)

    KNG#15 LW, Beckstead, Marc (2013) A real high energy up-tempo type of player. He demonstrated some nice hustle and physicality and some good two-way play.

    [sociallocker] He is a decent skater but had too much stop and go in his game and lacked some fluidity. This is a player with great work ethic and he battles very hard every shift for the puck. He has some nice speed and moves the puck well and is also very strong on the puck. He definitely does not have all the skill in the world but makes up for it with effort and energy. He never quits on a play and keeps a very simple game doing a lot of the little things well.

    KNG#17 C, Kujawinski, Ryan (2013) The first thing that jumps out at you when you see Ryan play is his hockey sense and offensive instincts. He displays a great ability to get himself open in good scoring positions and finds the open space in the offensive zone. He offers great options to his teammates in the offensive zone and plays a responsible 200-foot game. He brings a net front presence and a willingness to battle in the dirty areas and was also physical in his own zone. He battle hard for pucks and ties up his man in his own end. He gets in lanes to block passes and opportunities for the opposition and keeps the opposition to the outside. He keeps the puck moving well and gets it to dangerous areas. He communicates well with his teammates and is very clearly quite a smart player who knows where to go and where to be on the ice. The coach used him in many critical situations as well.

    KNG #27 RW, Dupuy, Jean (2013) A player who can read the play and intercept passes well, he brings a nice element of physicality and is very hard on the fore-check. He finishes his hits, follows up plays and goes hard to the net. He is a quick skater and a responsible two-way player. He also likes to use the defenseman as a screen when coming down and shooting off the wing.

    KNG#61 LW, Fitzmorris, Mitchell (2013) This is a player who really knows how to block shots. He tracks the puck well and gets down in the lanes and makes it very difficult for defensemen to get their shots through from the point. He pressures the puck carrier very well and challenges him to make the first move. He gets in lanes very well and likes to break up plays, he is not a great skater, moves his legs very quickly but inefficiently.

    KNG#18 D, Hutchinson, Ryan (2013) A defenseman who takes care of business in his own zone and does a great job of tying up his man. He is able to get his stick in lanes to block shots and passes and does a great job tipping shots out of danger areas. He is very physical in his own zone and blocks shots and keeps opponents out of dangerous areas. He gets his shot on net in the offensive zone and keeps it low to generate opportunities. He moves the puck fairly well and does a great job clearing the front of his own net.

    NIA#16 LW, Petersen, Trevor (2013) A player whos game is built off speed. He is a very quick skater and wins races for pucks almost effortlessly. He looked much more involved in this game than usual. He was physical and working hard in puck battles, demonstrated a high tempo of play, some great energy and a good level of physicality.

    NIA #28 D, Haydon, Aaron (2014) A player with great size, a powerful stride but it is a little bit awkward still and needs a bit of work. He needs to make sure he is getting his shot on net and watch that he isn’t too aggressive and put himself out of position when he is deciding to pinch to take an opportunity. He was also way too aggressive on his gap control and needs to relax and let the game come to him. He put himself out of position too many times by trying to force the play unnecessarily and needs to have a bit more patience and play his gaps properly.

    NIA #15 RW, Hiddink, Brook (2014) Protects the puck well and can play a good cycle game. He keeps his game simple but can think and make decisions quickly and goes hard to the net. He moves the puck well and makes his hits, however was out-muscled in a few puck battles and at times looked lost as to his responsibility in his own zone.
    FINAL SCORE: 4-2 Niagara [/sociallocker]