CIHA Voyageurs White AAA vs Cornwall Colts AAA, November 27, 2017

CIHA Voyageurs White AAA vs Cornwall Colts AAA
November 27, 2017

CIW #28 F Peterson, Dylan (2018) – Peterson was dominant for CIHA, despite being held off the scoresheet in this tilt. He consistently displays superior puck handling abilities and offensive awareness. He plays in all situations for CIHA and is responsible on the defensive side of the puck, killing penalties and winning puck battles to cause turnovers on impressive solo efforts. At one point in the second period, he won a puck battle against three opposing players, and made a clean pass back to the blueline for a shot on net. He did a good job of controlling the puck around the top of the circle on the Powerplay, displaying good vision and making hard, tape-to-tape passes on a consistent basis. He displayed explosive speed on multiple occasions, separating himself when he had the puck and handling the puck in tight spaces without turning it over. When the puck is on his stick, he appears to have complete control, and he uses his size effectively to bully his way to high percentage scoring areas in the offensive zone.

CIW #9 D Sebrango, Donovan (2018) – Sebrango matched up against Barnes in this blowout. Despite losing the one-on-one battles in certain circumstances, he displayed exceptional skating abilities and gap control to defend against Cornwall’s offence. He can reach high speeds quickly when carrying the puck up through the neutral zone and appears to be just as quick while skating backwards. His skating ability gives him the ability to skate the puck out of trouble in his own end and set up the play on the breakout. He exhibited strong decision-making in the offensive zone with the puck, passing and shooting in good situations, In the second period, he took a slapshot from centre ice, which was tipped past Cornwall’s goaltender. He can pass and shoot the puck hard and accurately from the blueline, which makes him an ofensive threat consistently for CIHA.

COR #88 F Barnes, Joshua (2018) – Barnes finished with a goal and an assist in this game. Despite a poor overall showing from his team, he was dominant offensively. He used his speed to his advantage, pressuring CIHA’s defence on the forecheck and separating himself on the rush. In the first period he stopped up in his own end to look for an opportunity and took off through the neutral zone from a still position, accelerating quickly and hitting CIHA’s blueline at a very high speed. He beat Sebrango wide and took the puck to the net, deking the goalie and beating him low for Cornwall’s first goal of the game. He has a high offensive awareness with the puck, later in the period he wound up for a slapshot and adjusted the angle, picking a corner after the goalie dropped to his pads. He also saw time on the Penalty Kill for Cornwall in this game and used his speed to track down loose pucks and skate the puck out of danger. He was consistently making strong offensive plays in this game, finding his linemates on the backdoor of the net for one-timer opportunities and making long tape-to-tape passes at high speed to create offense.

COR #11 F Hicks, Alejandro (2018) – Hicks plays a physical, defensive style and is an above average skater at the AAA level. He demonstrated good defensive awareness throughout the game, despite his team having multiple defensive breakdowns in their own end in the second peruod. He contributed offensively with multiple shots on net in the third period, including a hard, accurate wristshot on net. He could improveon releasing the puck more quickly, as he occasionally wound-up for his shots, allowing the goalie to square himself to the shooter before the shot was released.